Valors de la Fundació Wikimedia

This page is a translated version of the page Wikimedia Foundation Values and the translation is 25% complete.

Aquesta pàgina descriu els valors de la Fundació Wikimedia. Si voleu suggerir canvis, feu-ho a la pàgina de discussió.

Estem junts en aquesta missió


Hi creiem perquè...000

  • Solucionem millor els problemes mitjançant la col·laboració.
  • Trobem alegria, pertinença i connexió en fer les coses junts.
  • Hem d'equilibrar les prioritats individuals amb les nostres responsabilitats col·lectives compartides.

A la pràctica, això significa...

  • Dono suport als meus companys sempre que puc, i demano ajuda sempre que ho necessito.
  • Ajudo a esbrinar el problema quan no estic d'acord amb una proposta.
  • Treballo per prendre decisions reals, una agenda compartida i una responsabilitat clara.

We do great work and improve


We do this because …

  • We have a huge responsibility as stewards of our mission.
  • Success often comes through learning from failure.
  • Our communities inspire both our work and the way we work.

In practice, this means …

  • I share my work early, often, and respond to feedback.
  • I strive for measurable progress towards our goals rather than for perfection.
  • I invite playfulness and creativity at work where possible.

We welcome everyone who shares our Vision and Values


We believe this because …

  • To build the sum of all knowledge, we need to embrace human diversity.
  • Our differences are powerful and require nurturing.
  • We do our best work when we understand different perspectives.

In practice, this means …

  • I contribute to making spaces safe for people to express themselves.
  • I recognize my own privilege and believe others about their lived experiences.
  • I repair the harm that I cause and model accountability for myself and others.

We listen and share with curiosity


We do this because …

  • People think and communicate in different ways.
  • Curiosity and candor are how we learn to understand and trust each other.
  • Assumptions and biases are at the root of most misunderstandings.

In practice, this means …

  • I communicate honestly, clearly, and with empathy.
  • I recognize the limits of my expertise and trust people closest to the problem.
  • I approach unexpected information with humility and an open mind.