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Freedom of speech is essential to the Wikimedia movement—our projects cannot flourish in an ecosystem where individuals cannot speak freely. Our users trust us to protect their identities against unlawful disclosure and we take this responsibility seriously.

However, every year, governments, individuals, and corporations ask us to disclose user data. Often, we have no nonpublic information to disclose because we collect little nonpublic information about users and retain that information for a short period of time. But when we do have data, we carefully evaluate every request before considering disclosure. If the requests do not meet our standards — if they are overly broad, unclear, or irrelevant — we will push back on behalf of our users.

If we must produce information due to a legally valid request, we will notify the affected user before we disclose, if we are legally permitted and have the means to do so. In certain cases, we may help find assistance for users to fight an invalid request.

Below, you will find more information about the requests for user data we receive.

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“Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth.”

JULY 2012 – JUNE 2014
Total Number of Requests
JULY 2012 – JUNE 2014
Percentage of Times Information Produced


JULY 2012 – JUNE 2014
Total number of requests ۵۶
Informal non-government requests ۲۸
Informal government requests ۱۵
Civil subpoenas ۸
Criminal subpoenas ۵
Administrative subpoenas ۰
Search warrants ۰
Court orders ۰
Number of Times Information Produced ۸
User accounts potentially affected ۶۹
User accounts actually affected ۱۱
July 2013 – December 2013
Compared to other companies, we received relatively few requests*
Company Requests received Requests granted
Facebook ۲۸٬۱۴۷ ۱۷٬۸۵۱
Google ۲۷٬۴۷۷ ۱۷٬۵۶۱
Twitter ۱٬۴۱۰ ۷۰۵
LinkedIn ۷۲ ۳۴
Wikimedia ۱۳ ۰
* Figures for Wikimedia include additional types of requests for user data that are not included in the other organizations' figures. See the FAQ for more details.
JULY 2012 – JUNE 2014
Requests for user data, and how we responded
By request type:
Received Granted
Criminal subpoenas ۵ ۵
Informal non-government requests ۲۸ ۰
Informal government requests ۱۵ ۰
Civil subpoenas ۸ ۳
Administrative subpoenas ۰ ۰
Search warrants ۰ ۰
Court orders ۰ ۰
د هېواد له مخې:
متحده ايالتونه ۲۲ ۸
فرانسه ۵ ۰
جرمني ۵ ۰
هند ۵ ۰
بريتانيا ۴ ۰
اټاليا ۴ ۰
نوی زيلنډ ۱ ۰
سينگاپور ۱ ۰
مالېزيا ۱ ۰
کانادا ۱ ۰
هانگ کانگ ۱ ۰
مېکسيکو ۱ ۰
نېدرلنډ ۱ ۰
سلواکيا ۱ ۰
برازيل ۱ ۰
هسپانيا ۱ ۰
سويتزرلنډ ۱ ۰