Wikimedia Foundation Executive Director Transition Team/2016/Updates/CW20 update

At its May 18 meeting, the steering group's main topic was the upcoming community survey. It is going to be translated into the 9 major languages of our projects. We want to get more input on what kind of person we should look for and want to invite also emerging communities. Site notices are planned to make people aware of it. The steering groups decided that - due to our overall timing - the survey is only open for one week. We know that this is not perfect, but we want to get the results before Wikimania. The survey translations are currently checked by native speakers and we plan to launch the survey within the next days. Next important thing to do is to work on the timeline and the first draft of the job description. Both issues start while the survey is conducted.

Kathleen Yazbak is visiting the office early June to inform and talk about the search, meet with C-level staff and other staff members.

For Wikimania we plan an update for the Board, a discussion with our participating advisory board members and a meeting with conference participants.