Wikimedia Foundation Executive Director Transition Team/2016/Updates/CW18 update

The steering group took a lot of energy and inspiration back from the Wikimedia Conference in Berlin. Our contractor Kathleen’s attendance was very helpful to get to know different perspectives from the community and to let them know what is going on. Many thanks to Kathleen for her short term flexibility.

We had a meeting on Wednesday and will keep on meeting each Wednesday for half an hour. This Wednesday, the majority of the time was spent discussing new strategies to increase community and staff engagement in our search process.

In order to collect more data in a timely manner, we are looking into writing and running a survey intended for a wide audience, what it would take to make that work, and what that would do to a potential timeline for authoring a job description. Additionally, we are working on a more structured plan to help Kathleen connect directly with WMF staff members in early June. Other topics that were briefly discussed included a potential meeting of the steering committee during Wikimania, and the possibility of connecting with other movement participants at Wikimania.