Wikimedia Foundation Executive Director Transition Team/2013/Minutes Monthly Meeting 5th of June

The transition team met on 5 June 2013. In attendance were: Jan-Bart de Vreede, Kat Walsh, Alice Wiegand, Sue Gardner, Erik Moeller, Geoff Brigham and Gayle Karen-Young

First, Sue updated the team on progress since the last meeting. Since the last meeting, m\Oppenheim was retained as the recruiter and interviewed key stakeholders (Board members, senior staff and some Advisory Board members and others) in order to develop a job description for the role. The job description was drafted and then revised based on input from the transition team, other Board members, and community members. The search was then officially launched, including with a post on the WMF blog, an advertisement in the print version of the Economist, posting of the job description on the WMF website and the Oppenheim site, and sharing via social media and various mailing lists. The recruiter has now begun reaching out to the connectors identified by members of the Transition Team, other Board members and senior staff, and by the Wikimedia community via the meta page. And, the recruiter has developed a draft process proposal for TT review.

Then, JB recapped community involved in the search process thus far. The job description was shared with the community and feedback solicited, and community members contributed to the connectors page. JB noted that the community will likely play a less active role in the search as it develops, but that we will continue to publish information about the search process as it develops.

Sue then walked the TT through the draft process proposal from the recruiter, as well as a list of criteria against which candidates will be evaluated. Initial feedback was solicited, and the TT will have three weeks to refine and revise both. Both will be published to the community, with its input solicited, over the coming few weeks.

Next steps: Sue and Gayle will further refine the job description so that it can serve as a permanent job description for the position, post-recruitment. Gayle and Geoff will begin developing support for the TT related to compensation for the position, including provision of outside counsel. The TT will revise and refine the process proposal and the evaluation criteria. Once a first round of revisions is complete, JB will publish both to the community.