Equipa de Programas da Comunidade

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Programas da Comunidade é uma equipa na Fundação da Wikimedia.

Membros da equipa de Programas da Comunidade durante uma reunião "offsite" em janeiro de 2018.
Não confundir com Recursos da Comunidade.

The team supports shared learning for growing core programs, especially Wikipedia Education Programs, The Wikipedia Library, and the initiatives of GLAM (Galleries, Libraries, Archives, and Museums).

Team's work

The team supports programs and program leaders. Here are some examples of work this team does:

  • Tools and supporting technology for core programs
  • Recruitment, retention, and development of peer mentors
  • Learning and knowledge-sharing tools
  • Connecting institutional partners with community members
  • Mapping the outcomes of Wikimedia Programs to learn their impact on the world


Some projects the team is working on are:

Learn more about what Commmunity Programs is working on:

Membros da equipa