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Job description for the Wikimedia Foundation Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director.


Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director, Wikimedia Foundation

Reports to

Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees


San Francisco, California, United States



  • Through ongoing landscape analysis and intensive consultation with the board, staff and community, develop and communicate a compelling strategy for the organization that champions already identified goals and, additionally, clarifies short- and long-term future direction
  • Openly communicate about the organization’s opportunities, strategic choices, and progress toward goals with the Board of Trustees, staff and the community

Community, Donor and External Relations

  • Build authentic relationships throughout the global Wikimedia community; listen intently to affiliates, chapters and volunteers in order to develop, adapt and champion strategies that engage and grow the global volunteer community and readership
  • Personally, and with the support of the advancement team, cultivate major gifts and donor relationships for both ongoing operations and Wikimedia Foundation’s newly launched endowment campaign
  • Thoughtfully raise the public profile of the Wikimedia Foundation’s important work and role with public- and private-sector partners, and within the open source/free speech fields and beyond

Management & Culture

  • Reinforce and model Wikimedia Foundation’s Guiding Principles: freedom and open source; serve every human being; transparency; accountability; stewardship; internationalism; free speech; and independence
  • Empower, lead and partner with a high-performing senior leadership team; empower that group to translate strategic priorities into annual goals, budgets, day-to-day activities and a positive performance culture
  • Ensure that talent and technology projects are leveraged and aligned to deliver programmatic outcomes
  • Foster cross-organization, multidisciplinary collaboration as well as effective prioritization, decision-making and resource-allocation
  • Expand and deepen the organization’s work on diversity & inclusion


  • Experience as a C-level leader and manager within a complex, mission-driven organization with significant staff (200+), budget (~$25M and up) and across a dispersed, global geography.
  • Track record of integrating with a strong organizational culture to chart -- and communicate -- a different, higher impact course through his/her leadership. Listens to, integrates and champions ideas from diverse stakeholders.
  • Brings tangible examples of success in refining and executing on ambitious strategic plans, guiding investments in people and systems as well as problem solving.
  • Proven track record building and mentoring great teams, with demonstrated skills creating cohesion.
  • Leadership presence, relationship orientation and a communication approach that inspire and galvanize volunteers to engage, and donors to invest; as a key spokesperson, has influentially represented an organization -- and its mission -- to multiple audiences.
  • Resonates with Wikimedia Foundation’s work and vision; ideally, has been a Wikimedia contributor or has worked in a related field (open-source, free speech, delivering knowledge to the public)
  • Understands technology
  • Personal experience as a committed volunteer in a social movement is highly desirable
  • Relevant advanced degree

Leadership Attributes

  • Flexible, collaborative, gracious, calm, patient and transparent style; able to effectively adapt to, and evolve, a strong culture
  • Curiosity and critical thinking skills; a lifelong learner
  • Humility to recognize that s/he is merely a steward of a broad, large-scale movement
  • Track record of embracing and promoting diversity in all dimensions; brings an inclusive world view