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WikiBlind User Group


The initial meeting with the Wikiblind community was held through Facebook Messenger call and one representative attended. The Call for Feedback was explained and these ideas were gathered from the meeting:


The person thinks the Wikiblind community is really underrepresented although there are intelligent, qualified and learned members of the community that have time to spend helping the Board in spite of visual impairment. The person believed that since the Board members are volunteers and cannot be compelled to work full time, a lot of opportunities are not realized because they have good intentions, they are on top of everything but they simply don’t have time.

Specialization Skills

What the Board would also need is servant leadership, that whose goal is really to serve the community, be able to support projects that are worthwhile and helpful and must dedicate their time to really rally behind projects that will not only benefit the community but also do the right things just like the Interim Global Council

Other ideas were discussed but no feedback was given.

Follow up

Endorsement to the other members of the community for a conclusive feedback

Action Items
What community will do
To send the information to other members for feedback
What the facilitator will do
Send all relevant materials and information needed by the community and invite the community to the Office Hours for the Call for Feedback.
Just for Fun

The volunteer thinks that it is unusual for the Board to exert time and effort to get a deep feedback from the communities about seats. It's almost unbelievable that this is happening. And the person thinks it's refreshing, it's quite not like the Board but it is highly appreciated.