Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees/Call for feedback: Community Board seats/Reports/2021-02-20 Conversation with San Diego Wikimedians

2021-02-20 Conversation with San Diego Wikimedians


Comments on Ideas

  • Ranked voting:
    • Any election it is a possibility for a popularity contest
  • Call for types of skills and experiences
    • Gaps should be resolved with the appointed seats
    • Evaluation form can be used to compare candidates for the community
  • Regional seats
    • Supportive of new seats going to regions
    • 5 should go to regions:
  1. Latin America (including Caribbean, Central America, South America)
  2. US, Canada and Europe
  3. Africa
  4. Asia and Oceania
  5. A representative from the Global Council or the non-Wikimedia projects - maybe someone from WikiBlind or a person who has not been represented in the past


  • The opportunity to get a neutral third party feedback on the candidates or the practices might be helpful.

CfF process feedback

  • Communication:
    • To find information about anything you have to know where to look.
    • Better communication could assuage community fears.
    • The organization is at a size and maturity level that it should be figuring out these things.
    • Just like other organizations, the Wikimedia Foundation needs a community affairs individual.
    • There needs to be better communication, especially for newbies.
    • No one knows what the Board does - how it affects volunteering or why should I care.