Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees/Call for feedback: Community Board seats/Reports/2021-02-13 Meeting with the Turkic WikiCommunity

Meeting with the Turkic WikiCommunity


On February 13, a monthly meeting of representatives of the Turkic UG took place. At the meeting discussed the process call for feedback about Community Board seats.

  • 4 representatives from Turkey
  • 1 representative from Iran
  • 3 representatives from Bashkotorstan

At the meeting, those present were provided with a short story about the whole process, which actively began last year, and why this whole process is needed. Detailed information was provided on the changes made to the WMF bylaws and on the call for feedback process, which began on 1 February.

Discussed the proposals for future elections that were proposed by the Board, and also discussed the proposals made by representatives from the communities. Specific positions were not recorded for each proposal, but it was noted that communities, and more specifically regional and local affiliations, should be given the opportunity to represent and vote for candidates.

Everyone was called upon if they have a suggestion or any comments on this process, let them contact the regional facilitator.

Agreed to discuss further issues at other meetings.