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2021-02-11 Meeting with Wikimedia IndonesiaEdit

The first meeting with Wikimedia Indonesia community was attended by 10 participants, three of them were women Wikimedian.

The Call for Feedback regarding the Community Board seats and the need to expand the number of the current Board from 10 to 16 were introduced and the Ideas that would need their insights were discussed one by one.

It was also discussed why the Board is actively seeking community feedback in this particular time when the Bylaws will need to be amended.

The discussions about the impact of these community voices in shaping not only the future of the Board but also the future of the entire foundation as a global organization

Wikimedia Indonesia, being a big brother to all affiliates and groups in the ESEAP region is urged to actively participate in the discussion as an example to other members of the ESEAP community.

There were initial three members who gave their feedback in the form that was sent. Questions were raised asking for more information about the ideas and more time to answer and think about what they will share in the conversation.

Initial Responses About the IdeasEdit
Single Voting System

Three members were against it and do not recommend the SVS.


One though big regions deserve to be represented and one does not recommend while the other said it doesn’t matter as long as candidates are capable.

Skills and experience

Members said it is required to further propel the foundation to greater heights

Board delegated selection committee

One person does not recommend it and the other said it is the best idea if the candidates are selected by the community first and then go to the next level after.

Community-elected selection committee

They did not recommend it however one said it is good as long as candidates meet the criteria.

Direct appointment of confirmed candidates

Respondents are not in favor of the idea at all.

Regional Seats

Four people agreed with the idea, saying bigger regions can take turns in sitting as Board members for a year.

Specialization seats

No ideas were gathered yet.