Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees/Call for feedback: Community Board seats/Reports/2021-02-09 Round 2 with French Sub Saharan communities


  • Mahuton - Facilitation for French language Facilitator
  • Bachounda - Facilitation support for French language and MENA region (notetaker)
  • Zita - Facilitation for Sub-Saharan Africa region
  • Carole leuwe (Cameroon)
  • LAndry (Cameroon)
  • Paul Emanuel Ndjeng(Cameroon)
  • René Fabrice (Cameroon)
  • Ahmat Mahmat Tahir (Tchad)
  • Alexandra tchuileu (Cameroon)
  • Florence Devouard (France)

Ideas discussed


Voting system and Quotas

Ranked voting system


All participants are ok to move to a ranked voting system. A participant said that rules and principles of the new proposed voting system are not yet sufficiently explained. He added that the modalities( quota to be reached by each candidate in order to be elected, number of preferred candidates each voter should indicate) of the new voting system need to be defined



All participants agreed with the idea of quotas: gender and geography-based quotas. A participant expressed her preference for an equal gender representation in the Board. Another participant argued that the regional quotas should be proportional to the level of contributions from each region.



A participant, former Foundation board member, precised that the trustee who will be elected will represent the movement in its globality not a specific region even if they come from a specific region. She added that the process should not be viewed like a regional representation battle.