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2021-02-06 Wikimedia Nigeria User Group

Eight people showed up on google meet. One person who contested in last year’s community board seat elections shared his experience. In addition, the board and the various ideas proposed by the board and the new one about regional seats were discussed.

Six people were in support of the quotas system, more specifically regional quotas.

Four people were of the view that local affiliates should have much influence in selecting who gets to represent them on the board. With regards to this, one person said he likes the process which was used in the previous election, where affiliates were allotted some votes which they can distribute among candidates.

The following ideas were suggested to be implemented together with regional quotas.

  • Regional selection and elections of board candidates
  • Affiliates vetting candidates
Action items

What community will do: Inform other community members about the ongoing Call for feedback discussion and other future elections or discussions

What the facilitator(s) will do: Share video recording and anonymous feedback form link with the Wikimedia Nigeria community members