Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees/Call for feedback: Community Board seats/Reports/2021-02-06 Meeting with the Russian WikiCommunity

Meeting with the Russian WikiCommunity


A meeting with the Russian community, as well as representatives of other linguistic (minority) communities in Russia and outside Russia, took place on 6 February. The meeting was attended by representatives of the following UG's, projects and chapters:

  • editor of Russian Wikinews and Ruwiki.
  • WM UG Bashkortostan.
  • WMRU and WM UG North Caucasus.
  • WM UG Bashkortostan and WikiGrannies.
  • WM UG North-West Historian.
  • Wikimedia Armenia.
  • WM UG Erzya.

The participants of the meeting were not informed about the process that had begun, so I provided them with maximum information about the process.

The majority of those present agreed that an electoral system should be chosen where representatives of the affiliation can vote, as well as nominate their own candidates. The ranking system and confirmation of candidates according to their recognition are the best among the proposed.

They categorically against the quota, since according to their opinions, this is one of the bad system.

At the meeting they also spoke about the Universal Code of Conduct, it was noted that the Board of Trustees had already ratified it.