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2021-02-04 Wikimedia Ghana User Group

Three people showed up on google meet. One person engaged through chat messages on Telegram. The board and the various ideas proposed by the board and the new one about regional seats were discussed.

One person was in support of the quotas system, more specifically regional quotas.

Another person was of the view that the statement “It is also a fact that the current processes have favored volunteers from North America and Western Europe.” which is used on the call for feedback page, sounds like the “favored” is a bad thing. He is of the view that most of the contributions on Wikimedia platforms come from volunteers from North America and Western Europe, so the statement should be rephrased.

This same person also suggested that the whole process be made like a job application, although board members will not be paid. He suggested the job application process be adopted so that those who are interested apply, then a committee should select from the lists of applicants the final people who would serve on the board.

Unanswered questions

Is there a reason board members are not compensated for their services?

Action items

What community will do: Inform other community members about the ongoing Call for feedback discussion and other future elections or discussions

What the facilitator(s) will do: Share video recording and anonymous feedback form link with the Wikimedia Ghana community members