Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees/Call for feedback: Board of Trustees elections/Discuss Key Questions/Global Council

This proposal has been suggested during the Call for feedback about Board of Trustees elections. If you want to suggest a proposal, please begin by discussing the proposal idea on the Talk page.



Establish a Global Council composed of members elected by regional districts and proportionally allocated by languages and ethnicities, and provisionally transfer Board decision-making authority to it.

  • Each voter could declare their own region, primary language, and ethnicity, and each such category within those three pools would have its own proportion of candidates to be elected. Smaller languages and ethnicities can be combined into larger "minority group" categories.
  • The first elected Global Council can agendize, meet, and pass non-binding resolutions so that the Board of Trustees can decide whether to make changes to the process or hand over control, perhaps initially for a limited amount of time so that the real-world results can be scrutinized.