Wikimedia Foundation Board Handbook/Onboarding Permissions Protocol

1. On­boarding
When a new trustee joins the Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees, the Secretary of the Board of Trustees shall ensure the following for that trustee:
  1. Creation of a email address;
  2. Access to the WMF Board wiki site;
  3. Subscription to board­;
  4. Access to the WMF office wiki;
  5. Subscription to wikimedia-­ with the email address, and
  6. Subscription to wikimedia-announce-­ with the email address.
  7. Subscription to with the email address.
  8. Coordinate with Communications department to add a profile page on the new trustee to the list of current trustees here.
2. Off­boarding
When a trustee departs the Board:
  1. The Secretary will ensure removal of that trustee's access to non-public accounts and sites set out above.
  2. The Secretary will provide notice of such removal to the departing trustee.
  3. The Secretary will ensure that the email (see above) has an auto­responder providing a personal email of the departing trustee for contact purposes (for 6 months).
  4. Move the profile page of the departing trustee to our page profiling former members here.
3. Executive Director and Secretary of Board
The Executive Director and Secretary will have access to the WMF Board wiki site and board­-l list.
4. Delegation
The Executive Director or Secretary may delegate administration of the board permissions protocol to other persons who satisfy the below criteria, including a designated IT specialist.
5. Other Persons
Any other persons (apart from trustees) with passwords and permissions must be so designated by the Executive Director or Secretary. Any person who is not an attorney with the Office of the General Counsel must sign a confidentiality agreement before receiving passwords and permissions. See addendum for a copy of that agreement. Those passwords and permissions must be retracted or revoked at the request of the Executive Director or Secretary of the Board.
6. List of Other Persons With Access
Other persons with access:
  1. Stephen LaPorte, WMF Legal Counsel (access to the WMF Board wiki site and board-­l list).