Wikimedia Foundation Board Governance Committee/Minutes 10-28-2012

where and when edit

  • 28 October 2012
  • San Francisco
  • Kat, Ting, Alice

Sucessor for Matt edit

  • Kat is leading the process
    • contact Gayle, M. Oppenheim
    • inform Advisory Board and public list

self evaluation (board/board members) edit

  • Matt has leaded it so far
  • peer evaluation (start, stop, keep)
  • Alice is leading the process
    • contact Matt, Gayle, Bill
  • rough concept before christmas

Community elected board members edit

  • Jan-Bart and Matt were liaisons
  • election committee
    • responsibilities of the liaison
      • call for volunteers
      • delays expected, keep timeline
      • post mortem
    • Ting is the liaison
      • Ting provides timeline in the next two weeks

rules of procedure edit

  • Alice is leading the process
    • contact Kelly
    • identify topics
    • initial questionnaire about several processes
  • calendar with tasks
  • starts January 2013

term limits edit

  • board wiki page
  • prepare a decision

advisory board edit

  • no standards (who and why?)
  • term limits?
  • how to use?

unsorted collection edit

  • odd or even number of board members?
    • discussion took place 2008 with the changes in bylaws
    • discussions with board source
      • extent to more? in 2008 the answer was no, but maybe open to discuss again (2013?)
  • desired and necessary skills of trustees