Wikimedia Foundation Annual Plan/Quarterly check-ins/Audiences1 Notes October 2018

Notes from the Quarterly Review meeting with the Wikimedia Foundation's Audiences teams, October 30, 2018, 8:00am - 9:00am PDT.

Please keep in mind that these minutes are mostly a rough paraphrase of what was said at the meeting, rather than a source of authoritative information. Consider referring to the presentation slides and other official material

QCI Oct 2018 - Audiences Session #1

Community Wishlist: Niharika & Joe edit

  • Joe on event metrics:
  • Margeigh and Abbey are going to start a study with organizers
  • Niharika: Finishing up some items incl. SVG translate

UI Standardization: Volker / Nirzar edit

  • Nirzar on UI standardization
  • library of UI components, used on most of our web projects
  • Some places where UI Stdn:
  • Fx. Settings pages - one of the most frequently used special pages
  • Updating consistency of components
  • Ensuring accessibility of components on the page
  • Also review of copy (simplifying jargon etc) as part of updates


  • Standardize across other special pages
  • Involve other teams to strengthen the project
  • Volker: had some issues with first rollout some months ago. This rollout focused more on quality, shout out to QA for their help

Better Use of Data edit

  • identified issues throughout the data pipeline
  • Marshall did audit
  • Eg1. BUoD is the Segmentation database that is now publicly available
  • Mpopov ran some ML queries afterwards to see if any other interesting data could be gleaned, seems v promising so far
  • Eg2. Chelsy ran some queries on Android & iOS about Editors - some interesting data about more active Editors in the apps, but with insufficient data so high error spread
  • Highlights data challenge due to lack of contributors for scale, esp. on sml to med wikis

Search Engine Optimization edit

  • Prioritizing for EN, one factor is to try to do so before Fundraising
  • Eg of an unknown SEO factor is that it's v likely Google does treat Wiki specially (eg we don't have a sitemap but they can find our links) , so any optimizations we do we should be wary of breaking whatever special sauce they are performing

Wikidata edit

  • Highlights of a packed qtr of work:
    • Data improvements - better suggestions for issues and scripts
    • Lexicographical data
    • Increasing use of Wikibase within and outside of Wikimedia

Wrap up of Q1 projects edit

A. Page issues (Reading Web): Olga edit

  • Improving visual styles of page issues on Mobile Web (previously it was very unobvious if a page had issues)
  • Improved hierarchy of issues (severe issues are better highlighted)
  • combo of A/B testing and user testing with prelim results that readers are much significantly more aware of page issues (CTR to notice increase 3-8x), though minimal effects on editor behavior thus far
  • Heather: Would be great to find out more about how this increase awareness of issues relates to user Trust of Wikipedia
  • Olga: Will fwd through results, and user testing findings so far from AHollender

B. Articles for Creation feature and augmentation of ORES and copyvio to New Pages Feed) - Marshall edit

  • Final part of this feature rolled out yday (copyvio)
  • AfC feature hope

C. Android nav and visual design updates: Charlotte edit

  • New redesigned version released on Play Store yesterday
  • Generally quite positive
  • Other items: Visual updates, fast scrolling ToC, clean up of nav items

Audiences 3-5y planning update: Margeigh edit

  • 4 product principles: community-centric, usable, transparent, extensible and sustainable
  • Abstracts written for each of the 6 main themes by various PMs
  • next a group of ~18 people did an "Unpacking" exercise, breaking down the 6 themes into next level of subthemes - so far just the outlines for each subtheme that will eventually turn into whitepapers
  • Toby: we shared this at tech conference
  • Maggie: excited to see this kind of planning