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From January - April, work was done around creating a unified brand concept with different community exercises, in-person and virtual workshops and online conversations. The final concept, interconnection, was developed from the synthesized feedback emphasizes the perspectives of how the communities perceive who we are as a movement which will be the guiding force around how the branding is designed around various naming and design proposals.

To build further visual and creative context around the concept, an exercise entitled Visualizing Interconnections was organized where community participants provided inputs in the form of photo submissions and short descriptions explaining their visual definition of interconnection in the Wikimedia movement.

A good concept manages to unify all insight, at the same time generate more meaning by the many ways it is brought to life. In this exercise, each participating individual was allowed to submit five images from Wikimedia Commons (or from other open source platforms) describing the content behind the image for the interconnections concept and we received a wide array of submissions on

Themes edit

The results of this exercise were inspiring with the visual connections identified from nature, technology, art, space, science and time presented through graphs, drawings and photography.
Some ideas outlined interconnections within a rail network system, a station game, an archipelago, a child in a kaleidoscope, a spiderweb, the water cycle shaping environment, rainbows, interlinked railroad tracks, a Bengali vegetarian thali, Carcinoma and Histopathology of classic chromophobe renal cell carcinoma with pale cells. These ideas had a common harmony in the celebration of the interconnection in all its intricacy, flexibility and richness.

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How will this information be used? edit

The visuals received in this exercise have been compiled into a collective visual that will be a reference point, particularly around the work for design during Phase 3 of the process.