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Hang logó

A győztes hang

Március 28-a elmúlt! A beküldés most lezárult.


Listening gallery

3,235 sound logos were submitted by 2,094 participants in 135 countries during the month-long contest from September to October, 2022, An incredibly dedicated team of Wikimedia volunteers screened all submissions as they were coming in – primarily for length, any overt copyright infringements, and clear vandalism. The interpretations of the creative prompts were just fascinating – sounds of crowds and birds, pages turning, knocking on doors, drums, chimes, and gongs, vocals, mouse clicks, and typing on keyboards. This is beyond our wildest dreams and ever so appreciated, thank you.

We knew folks were excited to listen in and we shared random batches of submissions.

First week of submissions

Second week of submissions

Third week of submissions

Final week of submissions and beyond