Wikimedia Foundation/Communications/Program Management

Program Management

We coordinate with all teams in the Communications department. We are system thinkers. We create and define practices, and establish processes that benefit the entire department and the foundation.

We work to bring resonance to all team, departmental, and foundation-level work: managing, supporting, and shepherding campaigns, projects, and initiatives. We specialize in ongoing process improvement: exploring approaches, aligning goals, timelines, and budgets.

The team

Carla Casilli

Senior Manager, Program Management

Amba Priya Dube

Project Manager

Lena Traer

Senior Creative Project Manager

How we work


We are structured to flex, accommodate, and support multiple projects and colleagues. We work with and across teams that span 15 time zones.

We triage and manage the primary access point for requests to work with the Communications department: talktocomms. The talktocomms Asana form is the best way to request to work with the department.

We hold team meetings on Tuesdays at 03:30 UTC.

Selected projects


Current Projects