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External Communications

The Wikimedia Foundation's External Communications team works to raise awareness of Wikimedia projects and movement among audiences beyond the Foundation and our volunteer community.

By making these more visible, we support the Wikimedia mission and movement growth, thereby opening avenues for greater understanding among readers, donors, decision-makers, partners, and others.

Our team focuses on media relations, integrated marketing, executive communications and audience insights. You can connect with the External Communications team by emailing talktocomms(_AT_) or leaving a message on Talk:Communications.

The Team

Nazneen Nawaz

Senior Director, External Communications

Gabrielle Basha

Executive Communications Associate

Brooke Camarda

Senior Marketing Specialist

Sara Campos

Senior Digital Experience Specialist

Lauren Dickinson

Senior Manager, Communications

Ed Erhart

Communications Specialist

Vidhu Goyal

Manager, Communications

Nino Hemmer

Head of Audience Insights

Barbara Kandek

Communications Specialist

Fu-Ying Lin

Analyst III

Gwada Majange

Lead Communications Specialist

Segun Oworu

Senior Lifecycle Insights Analyst

Lucas Pasqual

Senior Social Media Specialist

Laura Pulecio Duarte

Public Policy Communications Specialist

Olga Spingou

Senior Manager, Integrated Marketing

How we work


What we do:

  • Grow and protect the reputation of the Wikimedia Foundation, its projects, and the movement.
  • Build trust, awareness, understanding, and engagement around our mission, movement, and key initiatives around the world.
  • In doing so, we aim to attract new editors, readers, contributors, and supporters, to help grow and sustain the work of the projects and movement.

How we do it:

  • We use audience insights to inform our communications approach. Insights help us to better understand the world we serve, and measure the impact of our communications work. To achieve this, we use tools like the Brand Health Tracker to provide metrics that help us to understand how our brands are perceived globally.
  • We use media relations, marketing, and storytelling across our digital channels to reach these audiences internationally.
  • We build initiatives to help grow the reputation of the Foundation, movement and key initiatives and manage issues and crisis situations that may interfere with our mission.

List of sub-teams


Media Relations

The Media Relations team advances and protects the Wikimedia brands in the public sphere by proactively sharing the stories of our work and impact with media; reputation management, such as responding to crises and developing reactive communications plans; and ensuring consistent messaging across the organization.

Executive Communications

The Executive Communications team supports the senior leaders with communications needs for their work with communities and the public.

Integrated Marketing

The Integrated Marketing team designs and executes global, multi-channel communication campaigns to build understanding for the Wikimedia projects, the Wikimedia Foundation, and the free knowledge movement, as well as to drive usage of Wikimedia products.

Insights and Impact

The Insights and Impact team gathers information and data about behaviours and opinions of consumers, often through (but not limited to) market research. It focuses not only on the who and what, but also on the why. Through our work, we enable strategic decision making and impact measurement across all activities.

Selected projects