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Wikimedia Foundation 2012–13 Annual Report

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Wikimedia Foundation 2012–13 Annual ReportEdit

Wikimedia Foundation
149 New Montgomery Street
San Francisco, CA 94105 USA
+1 415-839-6885

Ten years of sharing and learningEdit

In 2013 the Wikimedia Foundation celebrated a decade of supporting Wikipedia, its sister projects, and a global community of tens of thousands of volunteer contributors. The free knowledge contributed by our community is accessed by over half a billion readers every month, in more than 280 languages. It takes a movement to make something this extraordinary happen. To celebrate our tenth year, we wanted to share some of the passionate voices of the people who make it happen.

Your supportEdit

The Wikimedia Foundation is supported the same way Wikipedia is written: with millions of contributions. That keeps us independent and able to deliver what readers need and want from Wikipedia. Which is exactly as it should be.

Financial contributions 2012–13
More than two million people donated the equivalent of more than US$50 million in more than 82 currencies.

Volunteer contributions 2012–13
Individual contributors made 160.2 million edits, added 4.9 million Wikipedia articles, and uploaded 4.3 million images, audio files and video files.

Total cash expenditures in 2012–13
$35.7 million
in US dollars

Some of the people who make it happenEdit


In a world filled with halfhearted tweets, self-serving status updates and a painfully pessimistic news media — Wikipedia is a refreshingly selfless take on something we all take for granted.

— Chelsea, donor, Ohio, United States


I am a 17 year-old boy staying with a single mother, sister and a brother not forgetting my cousin and her child. We stay in a small shack with no one working, surviving with only R1100 (US$100) supporting grant in each and every month. When I pass my grade 12 I want to do BSc Degree in Geology and work here in South Africa. Wikipedia can be very useful to me in such a way that when I am doing my assignments and projects I just go to Wikipedia and it provides every information I need. Every term my marks are improving because of the information that I get on Wikipedia.

— Lutho, learner at Sinenjongo High School, Joe Slovo Park, Cape Town, South Africa

The learners of Sinenjongo High School from Joe Slovo Park, South Africa sent a letter to the region’s mobile carriers to urge them to make Wikipedia freely accessible via mobile phones. The letter has kicked off an online movement to increase the visibility and growth of Wikipedia Zero throughout Africa.


The purpose of the Wikivoyage Association is to promote education and knowledge of all countries and regions in the world, as well as understanding among nations. We’re very excited about the launch of Wikivoyage as a Wikimedia project, and about the future role of the Association in supporting the Wikivoyage community through its programs.

— Stefan Fussan, Chairman of the board, Wikivoyage Association

The Foundation’s newest project, Wikivoyage, set sail in 2013, bringing a thriving community of free knowledge travel writers to the Wikimedia community. Also supported by the Wikivoyage Association, Wikivoyage’s mission is to build a free, multilingual and worldwide travel guide that anyone can edit.


Connecting people and ideas is a critical component for many projects, and grantees recognize that community engagement and active collaboration is key for a project’s success.

— Siko Bouterse, Head of Individual Engagement Grants, Wikimedia Foundation

In 2012–13 the Foundation created a new program team focused on making grants to individuals, groups and organizations working on building community and growing content on Wikimedia projects, as well as related open knowledge projects.


Freedom of speech and access to information are core Wikimedia values. These values can be compromised by surveillance: editors and readers understandably are less willing to write and inform themselves as honestly and freely. Put simply, “rights of privacy are necessary for intellectual freedom.”

— Geoff Brigham, General Counsel, Wikimedia Foundation

In June 2013 the Foundation reaffirmed its commitment to protecting the privacy of its users in the midst of allegations that the Internet’s largest companies were compelled to collaborate with the PRISM program of the U.S. Government’s National Security Agency. The Foundation has never collaborated to share private information under these programs, and in response to the issue launched a consultation with the Wikimedia community to hear views and feedback on the issue.


Almost everybody who contributes to Wikipedia does so completely for free. No one makes money on Wikipedia's millions of articles and images. And yet, it works. Wikipedia keeps growing, and it keeps getting better.

Wikipedia editors are people of every age and every walk of life: businessmen, artists, housewives, students. They come from all over the world. They share one thing in common: they love learning, and they love sharing what they've learned.

— Gereon, Writer and translator, Germany


Wikipedia is a very useful website especially for us students. For me as an individual it has helped me a lot for my school assignments, projects, research and many more that I can go further and make mention of. Honestly speaking, my marks at school have increased from good to excellent because of Wikipedia. This is the exact reason me and my fellow classmates wrote a letter of plea that would allow free access to Wikipedia.

With the help from Wikipedia, great change could be seen in the world as a whole.

— Sinako, learner at Sinenjongo High School, Joe Slovo Park, Cape Town, South Africa

Wikipedia Zero aims to make our projects’ free knowledge accessible at no cost to hundreds of millions of mobile phone users, particularly in the Global South. Partnering with over 23 mobile carriers, the program provides Wikipedia access to over 280 million mobile customers in Africa, the Middle East, and Asia.


Consistent with the DNA of Wikipedia, it is critical to employ imagery and symbols that are sensitive to many cultures, while conveying complex concepts, some of which might be uncommon to the rest of the Web 2.0 world.

— Vibha Bamba, Interaction Designer, Wikimedia Foundation


On Wikipedia, you've got to present a balanced view in your article. You can't be biased, and you can only use reliable sources. Wikipedia helps people get to the truth of things.

I can appreciate this. I'm a father, and a grandfather. I hope Wikipedia will give my children and grandchildren a chance to use what they've learned, and to make this world a better one.

— Tony “Tony the marine” Santiago, retired U.S. Marine Corps, Arizona, United States


Anyone with a computer can edit, but with over 15 percent of our users accessing Wikipedia on mobile devices and growing, the Wikimedia Foundation had to do more to let anyone with Internet access contribute to the sum of all human knowledge. For this reason, we’ve just released a new feature: editing for mobile.

— Juliusz Gonera, Software Engineer, Wikimedia Foundation

With the continuous rise of mobile access as a primary means of accessing the Internet, the Foundation’s software developers have made strides in bringing the core Wikipedia contributing functions to mobile platforms. In 2013 the Foundation debuted mobile Wikipedia editing and photo uploading, with more functions in development.


If you follow the news, you probably remember reading about the Arab spring. For young people like me and my friends, it was the beginning of a new era. As momentous events happened, we were obsessed with the news, following up second by second. We were checking our phones, Facebook, Twitter.

And I was writing on Wikipedia. I love Wikipedia because it's impartial; it's the best source for up-to-date information from a neutral point of view. I looked at CNN, Al Jazeera and the BBC, searching for the most reliable sources. Then I added updates in real time.

— Ravan Jaafar Altaie, Telecom Engineer, Iraq


If only my grandfather could have seen Wikipedia, he would have loved it. He considered the center of the world to be our little village in northern Italy, Esino Lario. And after the second world war, he started collecting Esino’s local history — documents and archives dating all the way back to the 14th century, even some incredible photos of the mountains nearby and the whole Lake Como area.

Today, I’m carrying on his life work and his passion for recording local history and heritage. The difference is I have a tool my grandfather did not — Wikipedia.

— Iolanda, Scientific Director and Curator, Milan, Italy


It’s important to have women participate in MediaWiki, Wikipedia, and open source projects in general because their perspectives are important — and not just women, but men and women of color as well. The absence of these perspectives affects the type of articles that get deleted, promoted, and even created.

— Valerie Juarez, bug wrangler-in-training, Wikimedia Foundation, FLOSS Outreach Program for Women


One of the most stimulating aspects of this entire experience is the chance to help people convert knowledge into images that make that knowledge more comprehensible, and then to ensure the accessibility of those images by making them freely available.

— David Gómez Fontanills, Wikimedian, Barcelona, Spain


This position is perfect for me. It combines my academic passion for history, archives, open source advocacy and technology. I see my role as a facilitator, helping to bridge the gap between those who have the content and those who have the technical skills to make that information accessible to the whole world.

— Michael Barera, Wikipedian in Residence

In January 2013, Michael Barera was appointed the first-ever Wikipedian in Residence at the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Library & Museum in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Since 2010 more than 50 residencies have been created at galleries, libraries, and museums around the world.


I've always wanted to learn more about my family’s roots, but it's tough. If you look at the map or ask the United Nations, my country doesn't exist. Somaliland isn't recognized by many international bodies. But when you read about Somaliland on Wikipedia, it's so amazing and detailed. I feel I'm represented. I can study history, politics, geography, even folktales and myths. I learned so much about my own community, just from reading Wikipedia.

— Amina, donor, Nairobi


It is the goal of Wikidata to collect the world’s complex knowledge in a structured manner so that anybody can benefit from it. Whether that’s readers of Wikipedia who are able to be up to date about certain facts or engineers who can use this data to create new products that improve the way we access knowledge.

— Denny Vrandečić, Wikidata Project Director, Wikimedia Deutschland

Launched in 2013, Wikidata is the Wikimedia community’s effort to create an open, free, and massive database of any form of cataloged, digital information. The project will have a profound impact on how Wikipedia and its sister projects organize and share information across languages and topic areas.


This assignment is very good and more suitable to our time, because our generation doesn’t use papers like a more traditional assignment. My knowledge is published for all the world.

— Walaa, student, Giza, Egypt

The global education team oversees the Foundation’s fast-growing Wikipedia Education Program, a global initiative aimed at incorporating Wikipedia editing directly into academic curricula.


I saw that somebody tagged me on a picture on Facebook, so I said well maybe it’s a picture from the conference. And it was a picture of a newspaper, a New York Times newspaper, that had my pictures on the page.

I started thinking... well, if I didn't use Creative Commons licenses, or if I didn't release the pictures for the public domain, my pictures wouldn't have been published in one of the most important newspapers in the whole world. I think that was a life-changing experience for me.

— Juan Ignacio Iglesias, Programmer, Argentina

Global JournalEdit

Ultimately, the Wikimedia Foundation represents a path-breaking example of what an NGO can achieve in the Internet era. Working with relatively meagre resources and committed to a funding model based on mass private donations as opposed to large institutional grants, the organization continues, through an innovative application of new technologies, to have a deep and abiding impact on the lives of millions around the world.

Global Journal, January 2013

In late 2012 Global Journal placed the Wikimedia Foundation as the number two NGO in the world, in the company of exceptional nonprofits and NGOs. The Foundation ranked number one in 2011. This is the second year the Journal has published the ranking.


One of the things that's surprised me most about my involvement with Wikipedia is the sense of community. It's an attitude of creativity and collaboration I’ve experienced nowhere else. If one person wants to start something, other people will jump onto it and say, “I can help you with this.”

— Q Miceli, Vegan baker, New Jersey, United States


We are creating software that will let users load, edit and save Wikipedia articles visually, bypassing the existing system that requires our users learn “wikitext,” a complex markup code. Instead, the articles they’re editing will look the same as when they’re reading them, and any changes they make will be obvious in their effects before they press save — just like writing a document in a word processor.

— James Forrester, Product Manager, VisualEditor, Wikimedia Foundation

VisualEditor, the Foundation’s flagship software project, was introduced in beta status on many of the largest language Wikipedia projects in 2013. Developers have reviewed and addressed over 1500 bugs and issues to enhance and improve the software, a major effort to simplify the editing interface for Wikipedia and increase the overall size of the editing community.


It is hard to imagine that in 2003, Wikipedia was still running on just two servers — which I used to administer myself in the beginning. Ten years later, the Foundation continues to fulfill that role of supporting Wikipedia with a stable and trusted infrastructure. It’s possible thanks to the trust of our millions of donors, the hard work of its staff, the thoughtful oversight enacted by my fellow Board of Trustees members and last but not least the many thousands of volunteers who not only manage and build our projects, but also take an active part in the governance of the Foundation.

— Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia

In 2003 Jimmy Wales created the Wikimedia Foundation in St. Petersburg, Florida to provide a long-term, sustainable future for Wikipedia and its rapidly growing sister projects. Now based in downtown San Francisco, the Foundation has over 170 employees, and provides technological, programmatic, financial, and legal support and guidance to the international Wikimedia community.

Imagine a world in which every single human being can freely share in the sum of all knowledge.Edit

Ten years of free knowledge and free thinkingEdit

Wikipedia was founded in 2001, and by 2003 was beginning to flourish. The editing community had grown to almost 4,000 people who had already produced more than 234,000 articles in several dozen languages. Wikipedia was still quite small, but off to a solid start.

That’s when, ten years ago, Jimmy Wales founded the Wikimedia Foundation. Wikipedia’s bandwidth and server costs were beginning to outstrip his ability to pay for them, and it was clear that the project was going to be popular and successful. And so Jimmy created the Wikimedia Foundation with the goal of providing technological, legal, fundraising and administrative support for Wikipedia and its sister projects. Since then the support provided by the Wikimedia Foundation has enabled Wikipedia to develop into a trusted and much-beloved cultural institution and the biggest and most used repository of knowledge that the world has ever known.

If you’re reading this, you’re part of that success: thank you.

Since its launch 10 years ago, the Wikimedia Foundation has grown into an organization of just under 200 people — primarily software engineers, product developers and community liaisons. 2012–13 was a great year for us, mainly because it’s when we began to roll out VisualEditor, our long-awaited new editing functionality.

If you’ve ever tried to edit Wikipedia you know there’s a bit of a learning curve: historically editors have needed to learn wiki code before they can really start to make a contribution. Syntax isn’t necessarily hard to learn, but in 2013 people expect to be able to interact online without needing to think about the tools they’re using, and we wanted Wikipedia to meet those expectations.

Hence, VisualEditor! VisualEditor makes editing Wikipedia significantly simpler and faster, and we hope will enable new people to start contributing to Wikipedia who otherwise wouldn’t. VisualEditor is rolling out in stages across Wikipedia’s 284 language editions, and if it hasn’t arrived yet on the edition you use, it will soon. We encourage you to give it a try. If you see a typo or a small mistake on Wikipedia, please fix it, and if you know anything worth adding, please add it. Some people find editing remarkably satisfying, and we hope you will too.

We’re also particularly proud this year of the success of Wikipedia Zero, our project that forms partnerships with mobile carriers giving their customers access to Wikipedia for free on their phones. Due to Wikipedia Zero, today more than 300 million people throughout Africa, Asia and the Middle East have access to Wikipedia from their mobile phones without incurring any data charges. In 2014 we’ll add Latin America to that list. Whether you are an editor or a donor (or both!), on behalf of the half-billion people who read Wikipedia and its sister projects, we thank you for your support. It’s been a good year, and we look forward to more and better in 2014.

Sue Gardner, Executive Director
Jan-Bart de Vreede, Chair, Board of Trustees


The Wikimedia Foundation operates 13 free knowledge projects managed and built by a community of over 100,000 active volunteers.

Wikipedia® Free encyclopedia

The free encyclopedia containing more than 30 million articles in 287 languages. The most comprehensive and widely used reference work humans have ever compiled. More than 70,000 active volunteers contribute every month.

Wikimedia Commons® Shared media repository

A repository of almost 20 million freely usable images, sound and video files, serving both Wikimedia’s projects and countless other educational and informational needs.

MediaWiki® Open-source wiki software

The leading open-source wiki software on the Internet which acts as the backbone for all of the Wikimedia Foundation’s wikis and thousands of other wiki communities.

Wikidata® Free knowledge repository

Wikivoyage® Free worldwide travel guide

Wikispecies® Dictionary of species

Wikibooks® Free textbooks and manuals

Wikinews® Free content news source

Wikiquote® Collection of free quotations

Wiktionary® Dictionary and thesaurus

Meta-wiki™ Project coordination

Wikiversity® Free learning tools

Wikisource® Free source documents

Financial PerformanceEdit

All financial data is reported in US dollars unless otherwise noted.

Statement of Activities
The Wikimedia Foundation’s 2012–13 fiscal year took place from July 1, 2012 to June 30, 2013.
in thousands of dollars
Description Amount
Support and revenue
Donations and contributions 44,667
In-kind service revenue 261
Other income, net 414
Investment income, net 17
Release of restrictions on temporarily restricted net assets 3,276
Total revenue 48,635
Salaries and wages 15,984
Awards and grants 2,791
Internet hosting 2,550
In-kind service expenses 261
Other operating expenses 10,017
Travel and conferences 1,395
Depreciation 2,707
Total expenses 35,705
Increase in unrestricted net assets 12,930
Temporarily restricted net assets
Contributions 606
Release of restrictions on temporarily restricted net assets (3,276)
Decrease in temporarily restricted net assets (2,670)
Increase in net assets 10,260

Balance Sheet
as of June 30, 2013
in thousands of dollars
Assets Liabilities & Net Assets
Cash and cash equivalents 22,172 Liabilities
Current portion of contributions receivable 1,550 Accounts payable 1,092
Accounts receivable, net 47 Accrued expenses 1,457
Investments 17,579 Deferred revenue 37
Prepaid expenses and other current assets 1,391 Other liabilities 372
Total current assets 42,739 Total liabilities 2,958
Property, plant, and equipment, net 4,912 Net Assets
Nonconcurrent portion of contributions receivable 496 Unrestricted net assets 42,922
Temporarily restricted net assets 2,267
Total net assets 45,189
Total assets 48,147 Total liabilities and net assets 48,147

Functional allocation of expenses 2012–2013
Product and engineering $15,668,008
Programs and grantmaking $4,571,662
Grants $2,791,378
General and Administrative $8,158,421
Fundraising $3,807,160
Management and governance $708,167
Total $35,704,796


Board of Trustees

Jan-Bart de Vreede, Chair
Phoebe Ayers, Vice Chair
Stu West, Treasurer
Bishakha Datta, Secretary
Jimmy Wales, Founder
Kat Walsh, Chair (through August 2013)
Samuel Klein
Alice Wiegand
Patricio Lorente
Ana Toni
María Sefidari

Advisory Board

Ward Cunningham
Florence Devouard
Melissa Hagemann
Matt Halprin
Benjamin Mako Hill
Mimi Ito
Mitch Kapor
Veronique Kessler
Neeru Khosla
Teemu Leinonen
Nhlanhla Mabaso
Rebecca MacKinnon
Wayne Mackintosh
Roger McNamee
Domas Mituzas
Trevor Neilson
Craig Newmark
Achal Prabhala
Clay Shirky
Michael Snow
Jing Wang
Jessamyn West
Ethan Zuckerman

Executive Director
Sue Gardner

Executive Team

Geoff Brigham
Garfield Byrd
Lisa Seitz Gruwell
Erik Möller
Frank Schulenburg
Anasuya Sengupta
Gayle Karen Young


The Wikimedia Foundation benefits from its unique global community of volunteer editors and financial contributors. We thrive due to the vital support we receive from this community.

$1 million +Edit

Alfred P. Sloan Foundation

Stanton Foundation

$100,000 – $999,999Edit

Peter Baldwin & Lisbet Rausing

Charina Endowment Fund

Michael Chastain

John S. & James L. Knight Foundation

La Vida Feliz Foundation

Microsoft Matching Gifts Program

Qatar Foundation

Brin Wojcicki Foundation

Anonymous (3)

$25,000 – $99,999Edit

Apple Matching Gifts Program

John Blue

Cards Against Humanity

Elmira Choopani & Khanh Vu

Clardy's Diversified

craigslist Charitable Fund

In memory of Timothy J. Cronin

Goldman Sachs Matching Gift Program

Google Matching Gifts

Jeff Heidi & Andy Consuelo Fund

Kimberly Sweidy & Raymie Stata

Boris & Inara Teterev Foundation

Two Sigma Investments LLC

Anonymous (2)

$5,000 – $24,999Edit

John Abele

Aber D. Unger Foundation

Adobe Systems Inc.

In memory of Tim Allen

In memory of Yousef A. AlSager

Bijan & Soraya Amin Foundation

Eric Anderson Foundation

Around Foundation

Timur Artemev

Arthur J. Gallagher & Company

Abdullah Ibne Atiq

Bank of America Matching Gifts Program

Barrett Family Foundation

Doron Ben-Avi

Bernstein & Montgomery Fund

Xochiltzin & Michael Birch

Boeing Company Matching Gifts

The Brightwater Fund, Gloria Jarecki

Caulkins Family Foundation

Curt & Clara Foundation

De Ramel Foundation

John Depalma

DEW Foundation

Disruptor Foundation

Maran Elancheran - Newgen KnowledgeWorks

Elbaz Family Foundation

Mr. A. Fellous

Fenwick & West LLP

Forward Faster

Fulcrum Foundation

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Matching Gifts Program

GE Foundation

Brian Geisel

Joan Gibson

Good Bear and Company Charitable Fund

D.W. Gore Family Foundation

Grace Jones Richardson Trust

Stuart Gray

Alan Guth

J. Hall

Kimberley Harding

Marc Haas Foundation

James Heilman

Mark Heising & Liz Simons

Hobby Family Foundation

Hummingbird Foundation

William Hurt

InstaForex Companies Groups

Isambard Kingdom Brunel Society of North America

George Jankovic

Jewish Community Federation Endowment Fund

Jizo, Tallula, Heathcliff & Bob

Scott Jordan

Ravi Kalidindi

Keel Foundation

Takashi Kousaka

Lamb & Barnosky LLC

Lehoczky & Escobar Family

Greg & Liz Lutz

Mariam Awada Revocable Trust


Joseph K. McLaughlin

Melvin S. Cohen Foundation

Myfe Moore

Timothy Mott

National Christian Foundation

National Instruments

Network For Good

Newsmax Media

Nora Roberts Foundation

Elizabeth & Brian O'Kelley Charitable Fund

Kevin O'Shea

Nicholas Palevsky Fund

P&C Collins Fund at the Bessemer Trust

Frank Palmans

PediaPress GMBH

Gustavo Pierini

Polis-Schutz Family Foundation

Jane Pyenson

Qualcomm Matching Gift Program


Philip Ries

Nicholas & C. Joan Riesland

Robert Gore Rifkind Foundation

Lorne Runge

Richard Saada Foundation

Christopher Seiwald

Margo Seltzer

Shaked Family, Tel Aviv

James Simons

Stack Exchange Inc.

Lawrence Stanback

Strypemonde Foundation

Lawrence Stupski

Samantha Tarricone

John Templeton Foundation

The Behemoth

James & Angela Thompson Foundation

Tripling Elephants

Lisa Tung

Christopher Turner

Twig Foundation

Lisa Vagge

VMware Foundation

Piet van de Heide

Hal Varian

Robert Vick Charitable Fund

Jean Vollum Fund

Jeffrey & Mary Werbalowsky Philanthropic Fund

Malon & Susan Wilkus

Scott Wolf

Yahoo Employee Matching Gifts Program

Yardi Systems Inc.

YourCause Matching Gift

Mary Zbikowski

David Zwirner

Anonymous (17)

$1,000 – $4,999Edit

AIG Matching Grants Program

A & M Inspection

William Abington

Anurag Acharya

Suhail Afzal

David Agraz

Kaleem Ahmad

Saeed Ahmed Al Otaiba

David R. Albrecht

Mohammed Alkhalifa

David Alston

Konrad Alt

America's Charities

Richard Ames

Amgen Foundation

The Anderson Family

Chris Anderson

Dalibor Antonic

Terrence Cyril Joseph Anthuvan

AON Foundation

Benjamin Appen

Appleby Family

Marc Arginteanu

Dave Arneson

Charles Arnold

John Arnold

Aruba Networks Inc.

Vadim Asadov

Robert Ashcroft

AT&T United Way Employee Giving Campaign

Jesse Ausubel

G.P. "Buzz" Avery

Awareness Publishing

John Babcock

Alexis Baird

Sam Baldridge

Roger J. Bamford

R. & A. Bandela

Scott Banister

Cindy L. Barber

Edward Bardsley

In honor of Kathy Bates

Bayer Family Foundation

Jack Baylis

Robert Beens

Jason Beffel

Norma Bell

Belmonte Foundation

Frances & Benjamin Benenson Foundation Inc.

Bill Benter

Rajeev Bhaman

Kasi Bhaskar

Emil Biendara

Michael Bills

Graeme Birchall

BlackRock Matching Gifts Program

Michael Boberschmidt

Joel Bonda

Boulder Labs

Bob Bradley

Glenn Brandimarte

Joseph C. & Carol M. Brandt

Bristol-Myers Squibb Company Employee Giving Program

Brooks Family Foundation

Roger E. Broughton

Thomas Brown

Broyhill Family Foundation

Bruce Ford Brown Charitable Trust

Sophie Bryan

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Bullaughey Family Charitable Fund

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Brian Cairns

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Charitable Flex Fund

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Steve Clark

Clorox Company Foundation Employee Giving Campaign

Ronald Codd

Martin Cohn

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Carole Colley

ConocoPhillips Gift Matching

Conger Family Foundation

Ryan Conlon

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Jorge Bossa Contreras

John J. Coyne

Coxhead California Charitable Fund

Oisin Crawley

Credit Card Forum

D Systems

Danem Foundation

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Jeffrey N. Dauber

David S. Howe Foundation

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De Giorgi

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Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation Matching Gifts Program

Elissa DeVos Lowery

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