Wikimedia Finno-Ugric Collaboration

Wikimedia Finno-Ugric Collaboration is a partnership among communities working on Wikimedia projects in Finno-Ugric languages.

Finno-Ugric flag designed by Polish Finno-Ugric linguist Szymon Pawlas

The main goals of the collaborative are:

  1. to support each other through sharing and learning;
  2. to support growth of all Wikimedia projects in these languages;
  3. to increase and improve information available about Finno-Ugric cultures and peoples in Wikimedia projects in other languages.


Finno-Ugric meeting in 2015 in Estonia

Wikimedia Finno-Ugric Collaboration was initiated on organizational level in year 2011 by Wikimedia Eesti together with local Finno-Ugric organizations (e.g. NPO Fenno-Ugria) with an aim to provide better support for Finno-Ugric Wikimedia projects and their communities. Soon discussions continued with the participation of Wikimédia Magyarország [1] and idea to organize Seminar for Finno-Ugric Wikipedias was born. The first seminar took place from 22nd−24th of August 2014 in Estonia.


There are 13 Wikipedia projects:

Language Articles Active users
Finnish (fi) 535,210 1,548
Hungarian (hu) 509,427 1,518
Estonian (et) 229,346 408
Western Mari (mrj) 10,426 14
Eastern Mari (mhr) 10,408 21
Northern Sami (se) 7,802 15
võro (fiu-vro) 6,219 27
Veps (vep) 6,697 23
Komi (kv) 5,480 23
Udmurt (udm) 5,178 19
Komi-Permyak (koi) 3,442 15
Erzya (myv) 7,704 21
Moksha (mdf) 1,879 13

There are 8 Wikipedias in incubator: Ingrian (izh), Khanty (kca), Karelian (krl), Livonian (liv), Mansi (mns), Kildin Saam (sjd), Ter Saam (sjt), Votic (vot)


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