Wikimedia Fellowships

Attention: These pages are out of date and have been retained for purely historical value.

The Wikimedia Fellowships program ran from September 2010 through January 2013. You can learn more about how the program worked by browsing this page's history.

The Fellowship program funded 20 fellows over the course of two and half years to lead research and experimental projects aimed at improving the Wikimedia community. Learn more about their projects.

The Wikimedia Foundation has since transitioned focus to grantmaking as a means to support projects led by individual Wikimedians, as well as aligned organizations.

Wikimedia Foundation Grantmaking


The Wikimedia Foundation’s grantmaking programs increase the quantity, quality, diversity, and reach of free knowledge by supporting allied organizations and people around the world.

Individual Engagement Grants Participation Support Project and Event Grants Funds Dissemination Committee
Funding individuals and small teams to lead time‑intensive projects. Co-funding with WMDE, for individual contributors to travel to participate in events. Funding project expenses for individuals, groups, and organizations. Funding annual plans and programs for Wikimedia affiliate organizations.
Proposals accepted twice annually. Proposals accepted at any time. Proposals accepted at any time. Proposals accepted twice annually.