Wikimedia España/Plan Estratégico/2016-18



As stated in the bylaws of Wikimedia España, the main objective of the organization is the promotion of initiatives that support free access, use, study, modification and redistribution of contents, in the Spanish territory, with special support to projects managed and hosted by the Wikimedia Foundation.

Since its stablishment, Wikimedia España has developed a growing activity and its number of members has been progressively increasing. By means of this plan, we intend to follow on this path. On one hand, we want to increase the numbers of members, resources and activities. On the other hand, we want to provide services to our stakeholders, which include members themselves, the rest of the Wikimedia Movement, the Free Knowledge Movement and society as a whole.

Future strategy

This growth, in order to continue in an organized and easily manageable way, requires prior planning. For that reason, we have started an internal process to define our future strategy for the period 2019-2021. This process will last several months and, under the direction of the board, will involve all members of the chapter. We have defined three parts in this process: state of the chapter, what we want to achieve, and how we want to do it.

The first step took place in the conference that Wikimedia Spain held in Murcia in mid-September. There, the members attending worked on a SWOT analysis to define the current situation and we got a lot of information. This will be accompanied by an online survey, for all members, with the same objective: to collect information about the state of WMES. In addition, in January we will hold a meeting, during a weekend: the staff, members of the board and members, to process all the information obtained from the SWOT and the survey. The goal is that in Spring we will have clear what we want to achieve in the coming years and how, and to approve the strategy in Summer.





Activities on this plan will be carried out during the 2016-2018 period. Metrics take into account situation as of 2015 and targets are for the year 2018, notwithstanding the possibility of fixing intermediate objectives.



The territory in which the operations of WMES are principally to be conducted is Spain, as per its bylaws. Nevertheless some activities are carried out abroad due to their nature. Other activities, in particular non-presential ones, have an indefinite territorial scope.

Lines of action




This line of action intends to transmit a positive view of Wikimedia España among members of the Wikimedia Community in Spain, no matter the languages or projects in which they work. Improving Wikimedia image among Spanish general public is also important.

We will be granted Utilidad Pública status in a short term. Utilidad Pública brings tax advantages to the persons -people and legal persons alike- that support WMES financially. That applies to members and non-members. It means that an increment in membership fees and donations is to be expected.
By looking at other Chapters' experience, it is the case that many of those donors do not become members. In addition, many new members are not active Wikimedians -what is also true about some present members- and some donors will be legal persons. An open mind is required to face this new situation.
Why have we not set a target for donors, donations or both? The main problem is that there is no previous experience as of donor growth based upon tax status modification. As our only relevant experience is about membership growth, we will only fix a target there.

Community Health studies show that meeting other Wikimedians in person interests editors and improves the working environment in the projects. This is not just a subjective perception, but a verified fact. So we want to promote community awareness by organizing activities where Wikimedias meet each other.

Although the effectiveness of edit-a-tons and contests to generate material is in question, they are affordable activities to make ourselves known in a more dynamic and engaging way than a mere formal presentation. Membership and editor recruitment in such acts is not taboo and indeed other chapters are proactive about it.

The specific actions in this line of action are:

  • Implementing a banner with an anonymous survey within the group of Spain-based Wikimedians. Besides getting an overview of its composition and knowledge of Wikimedia España, they would be asked if they want to be contacted by our association.
  • Organizing Wikiemedians meet-ups to offer support and get them to know each other.
  • Continue making edit-a-thons and contests as a way to raise avereness about both the Wikimedia Projects and the Wikimedia Movement in Spain.

Quantifiable targets for this line of action are:

  • Membership: multiply number of members threefold in the period 2015-2018, reaching 300.[nota 1]
  • WMES mentions in the media: quadruple mentions.[nota 2] The target is 272 mentions.
  • Holding more meet-ups of members, that as of 2015 are limited to the Annual General Assembly. The target is holding 6 in 2018.



These are activities to promote Wikimedia projects in secondary schools and universities:

  • Workshops for secondary school teachers.
  • Workshops for university professors.
  • Courses that university students con use for free configuration credits.
  • Edition courses.
  • Promoting the use of Wikimedia projects in the classroom.

Quantifiable targets for this line of action are:[nota 3]

Acts 2015 Audience 2015 Acts 2018 Audience 2018
Workshops for secondary school teachers. 1[nota 4] in November 4 20
Workshops for university professors. 1[nota 5] - 3 -
Courses that university students con use for free configuration credits. 3[nota 6] - 6 -
Edition courses. 2[nota 7] 10 6 30
Promoting the use of Wikimedia projects in the classroom. 4[nota 8] n.d. 12 -

Although the main objective of this line is to promote Wikimedia in the field of education, the activities undertaken can produce measurable results, particularly amounts of editions (new articles, bytes added, new editors, etc.) and material released (released or made images and other contributions). Although those are not the primary objective of these activities, it is important to note these results. Depending on them some educational institutions could move into the context of the GLAM.



Wikimedia España has a successful record on managing GLAM matters. We work with galleries, libraries, archives and museums, but also with other public institutions and companies that provide simmilar resources and opportunities.

The activities included in this line of action are:

  • Workshops in museums and libraries.
  • Edit-a-thons in museums and libraries.
  • Content liberation, by museums, libraries and other institutions and companies.
  • Wikipedian-in-Residence: agrements with museums and other institutions.

Quantifiable targets for this line of action are:[nota 9]

  • Number of released images. In 2015 there were 85 of them, the target would be 300 .
  • Number of edited articles and bytes added. In 2015 there were 126 articles edited and 240K bytes added. The target would be 300 edited articles and 500K bytes added.
  • Number of participants and active editors in 6 months. There were 31 participants in 2015, the target would be 100. We have no data about active editors.



This is to facilitate the implementation of activities by members of the community:

  • Facilitate coverage of events. It is music, sports, cultural, etc. for which facilitates the accreditation or other things that could be needed.
  • Edition contests: to promote editing through a combination of recreational and competitive elements.
  • Wiki Loves X. These are the already performing traditional photographic competitions through which a considerable number of images is contributed. While keeping Wiki Loves Monuments and Wiki Loves Earth, we should be able to accommodate another (Wiki Loves Folk, Food, Public Art ...)[nota 10].
  • Wikitakes.[nota 11]

Quantifiable targets for this line of action are:[nota 12]:

  • Number of uploaded images. In 2015 they were 22 236[nota 13] The objective would be to keep the figures taking into account that the WLX already have a certain journey made.
  • Number of edited articles and bytes added. In 2015 there were 430 articles edited and 922K bytes added. The target would be 500 articles and 1300 Kbytes added.
  • Number of participants and active editors in 6 months. There were 164 participants in 2015. 62% of them were women. The target would be 225 participants, keeping women's share above 50%.[nota 14]



This line of actions intends to raise awareness about the ways and values of the Wikimedia Movement. In the short term, it promotes a Wikimedia-frienly climate for other lines to operate. In the long term, people will be more willing to become editors, liberate images and otherwise work with us.

The activities included in this line of action are:

  • Carry out talks, presentations and workshops for groups that do not form art from the educational or GLAM field. For example, associations of internet users, youth centers, etc.
  • Interventions in written or audiovisual media. These are interventions about the Wikimedia Movement in general, not about specific events.
  • Management of social networks (Twitter, Facebook), blog and website.

Quantifiable targets for this line of action are:

  • 200% increment in visits to our blog. The goal would be 99,396 visits.[1]
  • 100% increment in visits to our website.
  • 300% increment in media presence. From 68 in 2015[nota 15], the goal would 272 mentions.
  • 300% increment in social network presence (Twiter[nota 16] / Facebook[nota 17])
  • Public activities: most (if not all) GLAM and aducation activities involve outreach.

Relations with the Wikimedia Movement and Free Knowledge Movement


This line does not include relationships with association outside theses movements, which are included Outreach, GLAM or Education.

Actividades included in line of action are:

  • Joint edit-a-thons with other Chapters.
  • Organizing events with other Movement Affiliates such us Amical or Esperanto kaj Libera Scio.
  • Iberocoop
  • Wikimedia Movement official acts:
    • Wikimania.
    • Wikimedia Conference.
    • GLAM-Wiki.
  • Commitment and support for movements and projects in favor of free knowledge.

Fixing targets for these activities is difficult because the tasks are very different in nature. In some cases numbers can be fixed. In other instances, the goal is to distribute knowledge or information, that cannot be counted. In other cases the purpose is to support other groups that share our interest in free knowledge. At times, it will be just explaining our opinion. The very fact that numbers cannot express accurately how this line of action is doing makes that reporting and documenting activities is of key relevance.

  • Joint edit-a-thons with other Chapters can have individual quantitative targets.[nota 18]
  • Iberocoop:
  • Wikimedia Movement official acts:
    • Wikimania: Attending officially to the events.[nota 21]
    • Wikimedia Conference: Attending officially[nota 22] to the events.
  • Wikimedia Movement official acts:
    • GLAM-Wiki: Attending officially[nota 23] to the events.
  • Commitment and support for movements and projects in favor of free knowledge. This activity by its nature is not quantifiable. The goal is to have presence in that environment and that we are identified as one of the supporting organizations to this philosophy.


  1. As of September 2015 General Assembly, there are 102 members of the Chapter.
  2. We have been unable to find out how many times has been WMES mentioned on the press. Googling Wikimedia España, option Noticias (in Spanish), out of the ten first results, only one is really about Wikimedia España. From our records, we have found 68 mentions and have taken that as a baseline.
  3. An annual rate on growth is to be stablished.
  4. Pravia, Asturias.
  5. CFIE, Ponferrada (León).
  6. Universitat Jaume I, Politécnica de Madrid and Universidad de Valladolid.
  7. Universitat Politècnica de València and UNED (in Palencia).
  8. León, Palencia, Valencia and Valladolid
  9. An annual progression is to be set.
  10. A maximum of three WLX per year.
  11. In September 2015, we have done Wiki Takes Ayora, the first WT managed by WMES.
  12. You have to establish an annual distribution and in turn those that correspond to each activity itself. Keep in mind that "you can not always win": some acts may be short, although you have to try to compensate with the others.
  13. 16 489 from WLM and 5024 from WLE. 723 from other activities.
  14. We have had many women attending our events, also as organizers. That makes difficult to set a target for gender gap. We didn't know that when we started counting.
  15. Not counting Princisa de Asturias Award related.
  16. Seguidores.
  17. Me gusta y seguidores.
  18. Keeping in mind that collaboration and building relationships are more important.
  19. We are the only Iberocoop member of our size that is still to organize any Iberoconf. The questions is not if we are going to do it, we have to. And this year we have a bit more of time, so it is a good time for this.
  20. Attending with all homework done, presentations ready and a clear idea of what are we going to.
  21. Attending with all homework done, presentations ready and a clear idea of what are we going to. If there is a community village we should run a stall.
  22. Attending with all homework done, presentations ready and a clear idea of what are we going to.
  23. Attending with all homework done, presentations ready and a clear idea of what are we going to.
  1. From 24849 in the first nine months of 2015.