Wikimedia España/Plan Anual/2017



Wikimedia Spain is a nonprofit association whose purpose is to promote directly or indirectly the dissemination, improvement and support of all initiatives that support open access, use, study and modify of content, such as hosted and supported by the Wikimedia Foundation projects.

Thanks to the first APG Simple Grant in 2016, the chapter has consolidated: activities, projects and a wider presence around Spain. The existence of an employee has facilitated coordination and organization of the different programs, so after the good results we want to consolidate this model, continue to generate activity and involving more people and institutions in the Wikimedia projects.

Activity fields



  • Increase the quality and quantity of content of Wikimedia projects.
  • Increase the number of editors, emphasizing on women.
  • Involve cultural institutions in the diffusion of free culture and knowledge.
  • Achievement of free materials by involving cultural institutions in the development of quality content.
  • Organizing writing and photography contests to get quality content and attract new volunteers.
  • Collaboration with cultural institutions to get quality content and disseminate the values of Wikimedia movement.
  • Organizing edit-a-thons and workshops to attract new editors and improve content.
  • Events coverage, specially sports, concerts and culture, to get quality images of topics usually difficult to illustrate.
  • Organizing Wiki Takes events to get quality content.


  • Increase collaboration with local communities.
  • Increase membership.
  • Increase diffusion and visibility of the chapter in society.
  • Periodical members meetings in different regions of Spain.
  • Annual Assembly, organizing parallel activities.
  • Increasing membership through campaigns and diffusion of our activities.
  • Supporting local communities in the organization of activities and projects.
  • Improving the visibility of the chapter´s activity through the blog, website and social networks and offer merchandising in the activities.


  • Spread the values of free knowledge and Wikimedia movement to society.
  • Strengthen and increase the relationship with other groups of Wikimedia movement.
  • Increase the link with organizations and associations that share our goals, like free software or free knowledge movement.
  • Increase international visibility.
  • Organizing workshops, courses and talks about Wikimedia movement and teaching how to contribute in the projects.
  • Supporting the activities of other free knowledge colectives and collaborating in the organization of events.
  • Participation in international conferences of the Wikimedia movement.
  • Organizing activities or initiatives together with other Wikimedia groups.


  • Transmit to students and professors the values of culture and free knowledge and the awareness of its benefits and possibilities.
  • Increase the value of Wikimedia projects as educational tool.
  • Involve educational institutions in the formation of both professors and students and encourage them to participate in the creation of content on Wikimedia projects.
  • Facilitate the use of Wikipedia in the classroom.
  • Collaboration with universities, high schools and other educational institutions in the organization of activities like talks or courses to increase the dissemination, knowledge and uses of Wikimedia projects.
  • Collaboration with educational institutions supporting those activities involving the use of Wikipedia, or other Wikimedia projects, in the classroom.

Staffing plan


In 2016 we received our first APG simple grant. This allowed us, among other things, to hire our first employee. The possibility of having someone dedicated full-time to the work of the chapter has consolidated our projects and activities, solved any need throughout the Spanish geography, generated new contacts, involved more volunteers in projects and activities and ultimately achieved the goals we set.

However, after the experience of this year, we noted some lack or malfunctions, especially in the fields of communication and external image. That is the reason why, in addition to the program coordinator, we would like to add to our staff another person and thereby improve those fields.

What do we want employees for?

Two different needs:

  • Activity consolidation growth. Institutions of different sorts demand in a regular basis our presence and we are interested in attending wherever is needed. Activities and projects, free content, educational collaboration, involving editors are some of the benefits of their work. Also, volunteers require resources to carry out activities, therefore a coordination is required.
  • Improve communications and dissemination of the chapter activity. Both, textual and visual communication, are key areas: a better communication gets wider visibility and higher participation in our activities and projects. These topics are covered mostly by volunteers at this moment but they not always can be involved in such tasks, so we think that hiring a professional is the best way to ensure this key aspect.
How many people do we need?

We think we need two employees in 2017:

  • A Programme Coordinator, in charge of maintaining and initiating contacts with all kind of institutions, involving and coordinating volunteers across the Spanish geography, organizing and managing activities and projects, and attending events.
  • A Communications Manager, responsible for communications and corporate image, who manages our blog and our social networks according to a plan, writes and disseminates press releases, and works to ensure and improve our presence and our visual identity.

Staff description and tasks


Programme Coordinator (coordinador de programas)

Job description

This position involves travelling throughout Spain, so a car and driving license are needed. It can be carried out from anywhere in Spain. Previous experience is a plus and knowledge of English is required. Its work will be supervised by the Board, who is to stablish the general instructions.

Task included are:

  1. Training, promotion and dissemination to the benefit of the association that can´t be served by members, either assuming them or supporting them.
  2. Activities and projects related to cultural, educational institutions, public administrations, corporations and associations oriented to Wikimedia projects promotion and content release. Support for similar activities carried out by third parties is also included.
  3. Checking the developement of such projects, including keeping them to the stablished standards. Setting standards so that any people -the program manager, volunteers, other employees- know how to prepare, carry out and report projects.
  4. Meetings with people from cultural institutions in other to generate more opportunities of collaboration.
  5. Attendance to cultural, educational or free knowledge and free software events, that are in line with the porpuse of the Chapter as stablished in its bylaws.
  6. Reporting on individual events and on the general development of these activities within WMES. In particular, presenting reports on GLAM and education.
  7. Keeping WMES members informed of events. Such information can be distributed using mailing lists, the Chapter wiki and other communication channels within WMES.
  8. Keeping track of proposals on this matters that are made by other members, other chapters or other people in the Wikimedia Movement.
  9. Keeping contact with Wikimedia communities in Spain (.gl, .ast, .an, .eu, .oc, .ca, .ext) in order to promote, organize and communicate joint activities and projects.
Engagement time and hours worked over the course of this grant

We expect this person to work for WMES for the duration of the grant (one year).

As per Convenio Colectivo del Sector Oficinas y Despachos de la Provincia de Valladolid[1] the number of working hours in 2017 will be 1,760 and there will be 23 working days of vacation which is about a whole month.

How time will be spent on different programs and activities
Activity Percentage
GLAM 30%
Education 30%
Events 15%
Office hours 5%
Community 20%

Communications Manager (director de comunicación)

Job description

This position can be carried out from anywhere in Spain and, in some cases, involves assistance to events around the country. Previous experience is a plus and knowledge of English is required. Its work will be supervised by the Board, who is to stablish the general instructions.

Task included are:

  1. Writing and publishing blog posts regularly.
  2. Developing a communication plan in order to carry out a strategy to improve the visibility of the Chapter in society.
  3. Daily managing of social network accounts, including publishing content related to the Chapter, free knowledge and Wikimedia movement and answering. Daily managing of email and lists, both within the Chapter and to/from other people.
  4. Writing and disseminating press releases for each activity or project relevant to the Chapter.
  5. Attention to the media, personally and distance.
  6. Designing and improving the visual identity of the Chapter.
  7. Upkeeping WMES pages in Meta and similar places.
  8. Schedule the communication of special events through campaigns on social networks.
  9. Support to events, including promotion and communication.
Engagement time and hours worked over the course of this grant

We expect this person to work for WMES for six months.

As per Convenio Colectivo del Sector Oficinas y Despachos de la Provincia de Valladolid[2] the number of hours worked in 2017 will be 880 and there will be 11.5 working days of vacation.

How time will be spent on different programs and activities

Activity Percentage
Blog 20%
Social networks 25%
Identity 20%
Press 20%
Community 15%

Notes and references