Wikimedia Eesti/Travel policy

The travel policy of Wikimedia Eesti was unanimously adopted at a meeting of the management of the non-profit organisation (NPO) Wikimedia Eesti on 24 September 2013. The policy was compiled on the basis of corresponding documents of other Wikimedia branch organisations, Estonian non-profit organisations and companies, Estonian labour law and the rules, requirements and recommendations of certain subsidiaries of the Wikimedia Foundation (primarily Grant Advisory Committee and Funds Dissemination Committee).

This is an English translation of the document. The Estonian original can be found on the Estonian homepage of Wikimedia Eesti.

Representing the NPO edit

1. The management of the NPO can send members (incl. members of management), employees and partners of the NPO to participate in events related to the Wikimedia movement if necessary. Participating in such events, where required, is an important part of employees’ job descriptions.

2. If necessary, members, employees and partners of the NPO can also be sent to represent the NPO at events that are not directly related to the Wikimedia movement but which are important for Wikimedia Eesti to participate in, or in other cases related to the NPO’s operations.

3. Members and employees of the NPO are generally preferred as representatives; partners are involved and their expenses are covered as an exception on the basis of a management decision.

4. Members or employees of the NPO can participate in any events or activities, but to officially represent the NPO or enter into agreements in its name they must be authorised with the management’s decision.

Compensating travel expenses edit

5. A member of the NPO (incl. member of management) may apply to the management for compensation of travel expenses based on a decision of the NPO’s management. In this case, the NPO member must write a report about the trip, preferably as a blog post on blog of Wikimedia Eesti.

6. Employees’ expenses must be compensated pursuant to Estonian law.

7. The person sent as a representative of the NPO must ensure that the expenses to be compensated are reasonable. The extent of compensating expenses shall be decided by the management of the NPO according to the NPO’s funds.

8. In general, catering expenses and other expenses considered fringe benefits pursuant to Estonian law are not due to be compensated. The management of the NPO shall decide on exceptions.

9. It is recommended to also enter into an agreement to submit a travel report with partners representing the NPO.

10. Performing the reporting requirement may be one of the criteria for discussing future business trips and compensating travel expenses.

11. The NPO’s management has the right to decide that the NPO shall pay a daily allowance to an employee or member of management sent on a business trip pursuant to procedure and limitations provided in Estonian law. In this case, the person sent on the trip undertakes to provide all of the documents provided in Estonian law.

Budgeting travel expenses edit

12. The management shall plan for expenses for foreign travel and longer trips within Estonia in its annual budget to the extent possible.

Approved at the meeting of the management of NPO Wikimedia Eesti on 24 September 2013.