Wikimedia Eesti/Environmental awareness project staff

Wikimedia_Eesti has two trainers hired to carry out the activities of increasing the environmental awareness through Wikimedia related activities project, funded by Estonian Environmental Investments Center. This page enlists their job functions as described in their contracts.


General informationEdit

Trainer and instructor of teachers and students is a full-time (100%, i.e. 40 general working hours a week) employee with the main task to arrange and organize training and instruction activities, that provide students and teachers participating in the project necessary skills in writing, complementing and editing Wikipedia articles.

Qualification criteriaEdit

  • Trainer must have at least secondary education.
  • Special training is not required, but it may be helpful in completion of the tasks.
Work experience
  • Prior work experience is a prerequisite for this position, as well as good acquaintance with the principles of writing, complementing and editing of Wikipedia. A skill of organizing Wikipedia-related training and instruction activities is required for this position.
Language skills
  • Trainer must be fluent in Estonian.
  • Other language skills are not necessary, but may serve for the benefit in executing working tasks.
Computer skills
  • Trainer must be well acquainted with virtual correspondence, Wikipedia and E-schooling environments.
Personality traits
  • Trainer must be able to communicate and express oneself at ease.
  • Trainer must have good skills of training and instructing.
  • Trainer must have advanced skills of time management, s/he has to be conscientious, responsible and precise.
  • Trainer should be resilient and inclined to develop.
Special skills
  • The job of the trainer does not expect any special skills.

The functions of the trainerEdit

  • Creation of a training and instruction plan for teachers and students.
  • Acquainting oneself with existing training and instruction materials for teachers and students and complementing them when necessary.
  • Organizing training events for teachers and students in schools, universities and other institutions involved in environmental awareness education.
  • Organizing instruction of teachers and students during writing, complementing and editing of Wikipedia articles.
  • Collecting feedback from teachers and students for improving the training and instruction plan.
  • Giving feedback and guidelines to the teachers and students participating in the project.