Wikimedia Education SAARC conference/Feedbacks/BHARATHESHA ALASANDEMAJALU

Hello, thanks for participating in Wikimedia Education SAARC conference. This is the feedback time.

Please write in details on areas such as

  • Event planning
  • Training
  • Logistics
  • Management
For private feedback, send an email to tito+wep(_AT_) For unidentified feedback, please use this form

Please share your detailed feedback below:

  • Please summarize your experience in this conference in 2-3 sentences? (How was your experience, was it helpful? Be innovative! You may write in text, or upload a video/audio etc)
A:A: It was wonderful program, gathering of all SAARC countries delegates in a canopy. A group of Linguaphile were chirping in an umbrella made by this SAARC Education program. It helped me to gain my thoughts in different angle.

  • In a scale of 1–5 (where 1 means the lowest and 5 means the highest), would you join a similar conference in future and why? (write in details, please)
A:5, Such kind of conference will give innovative direction for our fenced thinking. It was inter community meet up, have every language has its own essence in distinct way so, it feed food for one who really fond to construct his language in new manner and sharing the knowledge will fillip yourself

  • Please explain in details what went well during the conference?(write in details, please)
A:Impressive was most of thing related eco friendly stuff. Campus also very nice.

When I look around conference, absence of academicians were conspicuous . Involvement of academic fraternity was almost nil . And I suggest to invite as a guest Govt officials who were in superior posts in academics, like Secretary Department of Higher Education or deputy secretary etc. The motto of programme will reach officially to respective department.

And need press coverage in leading visual and print media, it would boost in large extend.

  • Please explain in details what would you have liked to be different and why?(how could we improve the conference, write in details, please)
A:Impressive was most of thing related eco friendly stuff. Campus also very nice.
  • How do you plan to use and share your learning in near future?
A:Writing a blog, Presenting presentation for community and school.
  • Do you have anything to share?
A:Thank you for the opportunity to part of this successful event.