Wikimedia Diversity Conference 2017/Movement strategy session/Preliminary notes

....Movement strategy session

Participants are asked to interpret the strategic direction in the different contexts of diversity. They will have the opportunity to develop and exchange ideas about how they want to move forward towards knowledge equity. This session will also offer the space to start exploring how roles, responsibilities and resources can be shared across the movement.

Meta Page:

13:34 (ie, 1:34 p.m.): A short introduction by Nicole Ebber (WMDE) and Jaime Anstee JAnstee (WMF)

Background to the Movement strategy process:

  • What do we want to build or achieve together over the next 15 years?
  • Phase 2 - How to implement it
  • Wikimedia's strategic direction: How can we move towards knowledge equity?

(The difference between "equality" and "equity", illustrated by a picture. "Equity" is hard to translate.)

Still possible and appreciated to endorse the strategic direction.

13:54: Sara Mörtsell (WMSE) How does the WikiCafé work? Turn off your computers; document on papers!

(There is a large documentation sheet on each table. Room for five people at each table.)

14:00: Fifteen minutes for first question: What does the direction mean for you?

Give examples of

  • social barriers
  • infrastructure
  • power structures
  • communities

14:15: (Time to change table) Discuss the same question with new people.

14:40: (Time to change table) Second question: How would this direction change your work in the context of diversity?

Examples could be

  • new responsibilities
  • new skills
  • new resources
  • new roles
  • and more...

15:00: (Time to change table) Third question: What would you need in order to implement the direction in your own community, project or affiliate?

15:15 (to 15:35): (Time to change table) Discuss the same question with new people.


16:03: Share. Summarize. Find steps to take. (Discussion in the "base camps", at the original tables).

16:22: The most critical first step to move in this direction. (Still discussion in the base camps. Mentimeter poll - principally camp by camp.)

16:27-16:45: End of WikiCafé (and the conference day): A quarter of an hour for a summary of the day.