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Our stages in the ZukunftsprozessEdit

The Analysis Phase: Social and Technological Trends and their Possible Impact on Free KnowledgeEdit

As a first step, we have identified social and technological trends and developments that affect us as an association and our fields of action.

Outcomes of the analysis phaseEdit

To ensure that decisions on the future direction of Wikimedia Deutschland can be made on the basis of good information, several analyses were carried out in the first phase of the Zukunftsprozess. This page collects the results of the analysis phase.

The Trend BookEdit

In order to reach as many people as possible with our projects in the future, we need information about what the society of the future could look like and which factors will be important for the Wikimedia projects and their environment. In the Trend Book, social and technological trends relevant to Wikimedia were identified, expanded and related to the German and European context. The strategic questions derived from this are one of the sources on which the strategic options for the board's strategy workshop where based.

As a first step, we have identified social and technological trends and developments that affect us as an association and our fields of action. In a second step, the collected trends were jointly applied to Wikimedia Germany and possible strategic questions for the organization were derived. Subsequently, internal experts with specialist and organisational knowledge were interviewed for each topic area to prioritise the strategic issues for Wikimedia Germany.

The WMDE Trend Book 2018 [Link] presents the results of our trend analysis and will be regularly updated and further developed in the future.

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Further analysesEdit

We have also carried out in-depth analyses on some topics such as "Trust in Information" and "Digital Education”

Literature overview on the subject of "Readers”Edit


In the “Zukunftsprozess”, the importance of the stakeholder "Wikipedia reader" was repeatedly emphasized. It is important that we build a good knowledge base about Wikipedia readers in order to better address the needs and interests of this key stakeholder group in the future. This document makes a start and summarises important aspects and findings of readers research. Topics include motivation and incentives, patterns and user types, the perceived credibility of Wikipedia and the act of reading as a bridge to participation.

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Members deliberation on the subject of "Trust in Information”Edit


In June the Politics & Law team held a deliberation forum with members of Wikimedia Deutschland. The Deliberation Forum's aim was to discuss the issue of "trust in information" and to consider what role WMDE should play in the future for our stakeholder groups (members, communities, outsiders, civil society ...) in this context.

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Analysis on the subject of educationEdit

The "Digital Education" trend cluster has been selected by the board and ED as a focus for exploration in 2018 at the start of the Zukunftsprozess. Since the beginning of the year, some of the Education, Science and Culture team - supported by the ED’s team and other internal and external experts - had conducted a comprehensive analysis of what the future focus of the association's educational work should be. The results have been incorporated into the strategic option "Digital Literacies".

  • How do social and technological trends and developments affect us as an association and our fields of action? How is the world around us changing and what do we have to do to remain relevant in the future and to further promote Free Knowledge? What does free knowledge mean in the future?

Intermediate results & feedback: The 22nd General Assembly in KarlsruheEdit

At the general assembly on 26 May 2018 in Karlsruhe we gave our members and all interested parties an update on our trend analysis and discussed first results.

Development of strategic optionsEdit

Based on our trend analysis and strategic questions, we have developed strategic options. In these, possible strategic changes of direction were outlined and analysed in terms of their opportunities and risks.


Strategy developmentEdit

Strategy Workshop of the Board (13-15 July 2018)Edit

We took all that inputto the strategy workshop in July: together with staff members, the board developed a strategy with 2-3 strands for each of our fields of action: Volunteers, Technology and Conditions for Free Knowledge.