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As we are phasing out of the APG process and towards a different form of movement reporting, the financial tables have been simplified (from previous APG formats) and aligned with our existing internal accounting data.

WMDE Expenses 2018 (as of 31.12.2018)
Programs Expense type Budgeted 2018* Actual: Q1 - Q4 Percentage of budget spent Explanation of variances from plan
Program: Attract, Support and Retain Volunteers
Goal 1: The Wikipedia Community resumes growth. New volunteers feel welcomed, are motivated and contribute to Wikipedia. Nonpersonnel expenses 1,092,668 € 1,731,000 € 1,036,465 € 1,680,783 € 94.9 % 97.1 %
Goal 2: We continue WMDE’s volunteer support services while developing these services further, together with communities. Our community and project support services become more effective and benefit a greater diversity of groups. In this manner we make it easier for volunteers to contribute to Free Knowledge. Personnel expenses 638,332 € 644,318 € 100.9 %
Program: Software Development: Wikidata and MediaWiki
Goal 3: Increasing numbers of volunteers in the Wikimedia projects benefit from Wikidata. We promote the integration of Wikidata and other Wikimedia projects, and we create the conditions so that data quality in Wikidata can further improve. Nonpersonnel expenses 696,956 € 2,173,000 € 664,683 € 2,179,504 € 95.4 % 100.3 %
Goal 4: Wikidata and other open data projects increasingly benefit from each other. To this end, we make Wikidata and Wikibase easier to use for external projects, and we expand the opportunities for collaboration among the projects.
Personnel expenses 1,476,044 € 1,514,821 € 102.6 %
Goal 5: Through sustainable development of the MediaWiki Software, based on community needs, we assure the increased usefulness of MediaWiki for the Wikimedia projects, jointly with the Wikimedia Foundation and the communities.
Program: Strenghthen Conditions for Free Knowldedge
Goal 6: We get to the bottom of concerns about the use of open content. Misunderstandings that are revealed will be addressed with targeted information, while we address actual risks with appropriate measures. Nonpersonnel expenses 753,207 € 1,616,000 € 642,523 € 1,496,328 € 85.3 % 92.6 %
Goal 7: In order to make it easier to recognize open and free content, regulations around copyright of public works are evaluated by German policy makers, with the aim of drafting new, more clear regulatory language.
Goal 8: Factual, non personal data (such as weather and traffic data) remain freely usable by free knowledge projects in the future. The enabling policies and regulations remain in place, and disadvantageous policy is prevented or mitigated. Personnel expenses 862,793 € 853,804 € 98.9 %
Goal 9: Supported by WMDE, institutions in the fields of education, science and culture have the required knowledge to actively contribute to free knowledge and to the Wikimedia projects. The institutions create, jointly with our movement, supportive general conditions for free knowledge in their respective fields, and publicly act as role models for other institutions.
Non-programmatic expenses
Communications and fundraising Nonpersonnel expenses 336,915 € 2,697,000 € 408,552 € 3,592,449 € 121.3 % 133.0 %
Personnel expenses 528,085 € 396,862 € 75.2 %
Administrative expenses (incl. IT, operations, finance, membership administration and meetings, board of directors) Nonpersonnel expenses 922,070 € 1,787,750 € 193.9 % 797,524 € of this sum are special expenses caused by an inheritance to the association in 2013. Due to previous legal uncertainities this inheritance was only accounted for in 2018.
Personnel expenses 909,930 € 999,283 € 109.8 %
Total _________ 8,217,000 € _______ 8,949,065 € 108.9 %

General note:

* based on the annual plan 2018, updated September 2018