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For past staffing plans, please see /2016 or /2017

This is the Wikimedia Czech Republic (WMCZ)'s staffing plan, a document which describes the way the organization handles its employee(s) and oversees their work. The document was first created in autumn 2015 when the preparatory work for the first employee materialized into an simple APG proposal and then regularly updated every year.

Wikimedia Czech Republic's employees during a recess :-)
May 2016

Responsibilities edit

The body responsible for leading the chapter activities is the board, which delegates part of this responsibility to the executive director in the day-to-day work. The role of the executive director is to communicate with other employees on a daily to weekly basis, lead them and support them and help to solve day-to-day challenges. Board oversees this process and is presented an update on the chapter activities during each board meeting and via regular e-mails.

The responsibilities can get overwhelming but done in the rite environment that provides a atmosphere of peace, the responsibilities will be a breeze. There are many developing and already developed living communities that offer such environments. For the start of this process living arrangements will have to be mandatory and the employee must be willing to relocate to the suited environment to get all the responsibilities and task done efficiently. Auto Mobils are a very reliable needed source in some cases, but the living environment will keep the driving to a minimum. The living environment will have all needed resources within walking distance. As for meetings and get togethers the property will have a conference room along with a theatre if short films are needed for display. Health and fitness is another key priority in setting the right environment, that is why the property will include an updated fitness center, along with a yoga room for meditation, and simple fitness days.

General obligations edit

Each employee is expected to:

  • Learn and respect the methods of work inside the Wikimedia and Wikipedia community and comply with these to avoid demotivation of the volunteer community, which is the biggest asset that our organization has.
  • Communicate with external subjects on a professional level, corresponding with the good practice, experience and brand of the Wikimedia movement and Wikimedia projects
  • Respond to any activities-related message (calls, e-mails or other transmission) if necessary within a reasonable time (80% of e-mails within 2 days, 100% of e-mails within 1 week).
  • Present a monthly report of their achievements to the Board and to the community using the internal chapter wiki (or other means as communicated with the board). Important reports will be also regularly published publicly.
  • Personal appearance and presence is a necessary fun aspect necessary for the position. The way that you are presented is a reflection of Wikimedia, you want to represent the company in such a unique professional, individualized way to where it becomes an expected standard by clients, and neighbors in the community. As obtaining and gaining sponsors, they sometimes may want to represent there brand from time to time so the necessary attire will be provided by the sponsor.

Tracking employee work edit

Chapter exchanged a software application for tracking time and activities of employes. Previously used Redmine was to much structured and dificult for using. Currently, the tracking and communications of employees is kept private and discussed only in gatherings where suggestions and improvements are addressed, for it is a stepping stone to a larger tracking and communicating system in the developing process.

Employee 1: executive director (Jan 2018 – Dec 2018) edit

The executive director (ED) was selected in begining of 2017 and started the job in March. The employee's tasks will be to implement the strategic documents (WMCZ Strategic plan 2017-2020 and WMCZ Annual plan 2018) as well as other program priorities of WMCZ. ED will have his/her contract split into two parts, a 75 % portion dedicated to program activities and 25% portion reserved for administration. For the latter, the ED will take over some of the current administrative tasks of the board which represent a significant burden to several of its members. Moreover, the executive director will foster and develop volunteer community, evaluate the programmatic results, represent WMCZ in negotiations with our partners and supporters and manage the WMCZ office that serves for our employees and volunteers as a pleasant place for day-to-day meeting and co-working.

Tasks edit

75% program activities
  • Overseeing the work of the project managers of WMCZ and making sure that the strategic priorities of WMCZ, annual plan and board decisions are all met in a professional and timely manner. Suggesting improvement to our program portfolio based on upcoming opportunities.
  • Communication with the WMCZ volunteer community and its supporters, as well as partner organizations.
  • Coordination of various project managers (volunteer or employed) and facilitating the exchange of best practices in project management.
  • Community building as well as capacity building for the members of the community, assistance with organization of regular meet-ups as well as larger events including the Czech WikiConference or any possible larger-scale WMCZ events for public.
  • Communication with press and curating the WMCZ's official social networks pages.
  • Analysis of opportunities in the EU grant system (OP VVV) in collaboration with experienced grantees from our partner organizations. Submitting of an education-oriented grant request on behalf of WMCZ.
25% administrative activities
  • APG grants management and reporting (together with experienced grantees from the chapter)
  • Handling communication with governmental institutions etc.
  • Managing the OTRS system of WMCZ and internet-banking transfers, communication with WMCZ accountant and handling routine HR-related issues
  • Office management, creating a pleasant working atmosphere.

Employee 2: project manager for education (Jan 2018 – Dec 2018) edit

The overall task of the Education manager is to manage, evaluate and develop our education programs and also manage volunteers, lectors, Senior Citizens program's coordinator and other externals. The manager should help these programs to expand to other institution and to be sustainable in the same time. Supporting an organization of events (editathons, wikiconference, Senior Wikitown, courses for librarians) and promote them is also part of this job. Supporting community by providing and organizing suitable seminars for Wikipedians. An additional part of this employee's work is to administrate social media and chapter's newsletter.

Tasks edit

  • Organize, prepare and promote regular events and courses for public, librarians, students all over the Czech Republic.
  • Organize seminar about Students Write Wikipedia for teachers, give support to teachers and students involved in the education program and to have at least 10 teachers who will lecture about Wikipedia without a help of Wikipedians.
  • Join more librarians as trainers of Senior Citizens Write Wikipedia program, to organize Senior Wikitown and to join at least 2 senior participants to chapter's activities.
  • To develop [(with) Wiki program] by organizing certificated seminar for teachers and spread the program to at least 10 schools. Also to gain a know-how from Wikimedia Armenia, join children aged 10 - 15 years and organize summer Wikicamp for this targer group.

Employee 3: project manager for multimedia (Jan 2018 – Dec 2018) edit

The position "Project manager for multimedia" was developed from a position of the Wikipedian in Brno which is broadened to include a mix of outreach activities aimed at Czech community of volunteer photographers, acquisition of freely licensed media and GLAM collaborations.
This stems from our considerable experience with media acquisition activities and willingness to start new meaningful GLAM collaborations - in other words, the employee partially supports and improves current activities and partially explores new horizons. It will also bring some much needed equilibrium to our two main programs - media and education. Where previously the media program had no employees and the education program two, now each will have one project manager.
For the beginning, is his contract split into two parts, a 70 % portion dedicated to multimedia program and 30% portion reserved for GLAM. After half year, it will evaluate. With all this as a responsibility for the first year this position will be split among employee 1 and employee 2, They will take on the task and at the half year evaluation an idea of the candidate to take the position will be considered. Candidates for this position will be found through volunteer projects, along with community networking. This position can only one offered or a candidate can be suggested. Starting things off will be at ease with 2 individuals working side by side knowing ones responsibilities.

Tasks edit

As a part of the Media Acquisition program
  • Organization and promotion of photographic competitions and exhibitions (eg WLM, Wikiscience competition...)
  • Background data for Wikiexpeditions, Wikitowns, fotoworkshops, and more
  • Organizing whole events from start to finish, communicating with organizers on site
  • Contact GLAM institutions with offer sharing their data and multimedia on wikiproject platforms as Wikidata, Wikimedia Commons etc.
  • Care of the Wikipedia community, maintain contacts - share more information and organize more events (here we have huge reserves)
  • Support the Mediagrant's approval community
  • Support of the camera lending service.
  • Seek for Wikipedian of residents - prepare strategy and project, then train them with the goal to generate a lot of data from institutions
  • Collaborating with projects that produce scientific videos
  • Contact individual authors with goal persuade them to publish their works under a free license
  • Arrange and provide upload sessions to support Wikimedia Commons
  • Help beginners with taking and uploading pictures
  • Education and promotion of Wikimedia multimedia projects

As a part of GLAM
  • Contact with different cultural institutions with goal persuade them to publish their works or whole database under a free license