Wikimedia Conference 2018/Program/37

37. Technical Tools For Programs, Events, and Grants


James Hare, MusikAnimal and Trevor Bolliger

Length (min)


Audience / Target group

Grant recipients, Program organizers, and Event facilitators

Session Format

Lecture with Questions & Answers


Tools are pieces of software developed by our community that let you do things you can't do with the wiki alone.They can help you be more productive on-wiki, run events or collect metrics for them.

James Hare, from the Cloud services team at the Wikimedia Foundation, will present on what tools are out there? How do we find them?

Leon Ziemba and Trevor Bolliger of the Wikimedia Foundation’s Community Tech team are going to share recent news about our software development of 2 specific tools for Wikimedia Grant recipients, Program organizers, and Event facilitators.

The Grant Metrics tool ( will be available in beta by the Wikimedia Conference. The goal is to provide an easy-to-use interface for collecting metrics about a set of users over a given time frame, in particular grant-based events. We’d like to demo what we have, and collect feedback on missing features and the user experience.

The Programs and Events Dashboard is already used by volunteers around the world, but the Community Tech team will soon be addressing the most frustrating workflows with improvements. We aim to make it easier for program organizers to arrange and share information with others and for event participants to track their progress and edits. We look forward to receiving feedback from session attendees about our plans. Project page: Community Tech/Tools for program and event organizers

At the end of the session, all 3 presenters will gather feedback that focuses on participants’ needs for tools, as community organizers and outreach experts, and what our technical teams can do to make all of our work easier.

Desired Outcome

The audience should learn about existing and near-term tools that will allow them to organize and run programs, events, and grants.

The presenters should receive feedback about how these tools can be improved in the immediate or long-term future.

Next Steps and Milestones

The Grant Metrics tool and Programs and Events Dashboard will receive software development over 2018. Audience members can follow progress on wiki or Phabricator.