Wikimedia Conference 2018/Program/14

14. Partnerships Market: Creating more cross-affiliate partnerships within the movement


Julia Kirchner (Wikimedia Deutschland) (facilitator)

Length (min)

90 min

Audience / Target group

Everyone who already has a concrete idea for a new project/program and is looking for partners from within the Wikimedia movement

Session Format

Interactive workshop


Many great partnerships are easily developed by using resources that are already there. You only need to know where to look for them. This session works along a similar principle: within our movement, there is great potential for collaboration on projects and programs among the affiliates. However, finding a good partner within our movement is not always easy!

This session has a solution to this problem: come with your concrete idea for a cross-affiliate partnership and leave with a new set of partners from within the movement. In this session, we will open and facilitate a partnerships market. The market place will allow participants to present their partnership idea, get introduced to many other ideas for cross-affiliate partnerships, and finally, find a suitable partner and get to work!

Ideally, already come prepared with a concrete idea for a cross-affiliate partnership you would like to explore!

Desired Outcome

Many new initiatives for cross-affiliate partnerships

Next Steps and Milestones

Next steps will be defined by participants when exploring ideas during the workshop