Wikimedia Conference 2018/Asia Meetup

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Meetup for Asian Wikimedians

Group photo

Venue & TimeEdit

6:30 PM (Local Time)

Room KINDL, Mercure Templehof Hotel Berlin


  1. Bidgee
  2. Rahul Deshmukh
  3. ANKAN
  4. Nahid Sultan
  5. Morgan Jue
  6. Daniel Chong
  7. Wikilover90
  8. Jitendra Shah
  9. Irvin Parco
  10. Steven Fung
  11. Tanweer
  12. Biplab Anand
  13. Pankaj Deo
  14. Rachmat Wahidi
  15. Ravidreams
  16. Punchalee
  17. Athikhun
  18. Balaji Krishnan
  19. Chia-Yi Meng
  20. Sanket Oswal
  21. Imacat
  22. Motoko C. K.
  23. Rinto Jiang
  24. Ivonne Kristiani
  25. Jayanta Nath
  26. Satdeep Gill
  27. Abbad Darriya
  28. Ijon
  29. Lahariyanithi
  30. Liang chi

Meeting notesEdit

  • New Readers: Awareness Campaign and Inspire Campaign.
  • Marathi Wikipedia: Offline Wikipedia. Offline User Group
  • Wikimedia Bangladesh: Awareness on Mother Tongue language day.
  • Wikimedia Taiwan: Edting Medical articles. WikiWomen edit-a-thons every year.
  • Korea: Helping governmet to edit articles related to themselves.
  • User Group Malaysia: Got funds from other partners.
  • Wikimedia Indonesia: Writing competitions related to Science. Increasing awareness of Wikipedia. Doing ESEAP next month.
  • West Bengal Wikimedians: 12000 books uploaded on Wikimedia Commons.
  • Punjabi Wikimedians: Social media inspire campaign with an animated video. Collaborating with CIS for Punjabi Wikisource as Focused Project for the next fiscal year.
  • Maithili Wikimedians: Wikipedia Education Program in 20+ schools.
  • PhilWiki community: February 2019: Wiki Loves Art
  • Punchalee and Athikum (Wikimedians in Thailand): Editor retention. Mentor-Mentee project. Education program since 2014, 103 students have participated.
  • Balajijagdish (Wikisource community): Tamil Wikisource collaborated with Tamil Nadu government. Got copyrights of Tamil books by paying authors.
  • Hindi Wikipedia: Ektara video. World Hindi Conference.
  • CIS: Now supporting capacities and capabilities of Indic communities.
  • Wikimedia India: Internation winner for WLM. Thinking of doing Wiki Loves Food again.
  • Ravi: We need newcomers. Let's look forward to Movement Strategy. Coming up with ideas relevant to our communities.
  • Wikimedia Australia: Digitization project without many resources. Andy Mabbet might be able to do Wikidata sessions. Interested in organizing ESEAP or Asia-Oceania Conference in Perth in 2019.