Wikimedia Conference 2017/Program/15

15: Wikimedia Foundation + Community Partnerships: Let's work better together! edit

Everyone interested in creating partnerships between Wikimedia Foundation and Wikimedia Affiliates / communities
Session Format
Presentation + Q&A/Discussion
60 min
Room setting

The presentation will highlight usual areas in which Wikimedia Foundation teams can work more efficiently with all affiliates. In the following discussion we want to discuss the issues, challenges, expectations and shared understanding that can exist between us when we work together.

  • Adele Vrana (Partnerships and Global Reach)
  • Alex Stinson (Support, Safety and Programs)
  • Danny Horn (Community Tech)
  • Delphine Ménard (Community Resources)
  • Stephen LaPorte (Legal)
  • Zachary McCune from (Communications)
Themes for discussion
  • Are we doing a good job working together? How can we improve?
  • Where should we work more closely with the movement affiliates/communities?
  • What partnerships are we missing?
  • What can be done to help build strong partnerships?
  • How does a successful model of partnership between affiliates and WMF look like?
  • How should the Wikimedia Foundation share the value of its partnerships with local communities?
Desired Outcome

Affiliates and the Wikimedia Foundation have a clear understanding of the kinds of partnerships that they are open for working together. Both of them will have a broad understanding on ways to coordinate and execute programs or activities together and also on behalf of each other.

Affiliates will see opportunities of working with Wikimedia Foundation's partners, and how the Foundation can leverage its partnerships to get support from partners for local Wikimedia communities.

Next Steps and Milestones
Continue discussing the topic in other venues, on-wiki, online (i.e. Office Hours) and offline. Reinforce the "Partnerships group" and encourage to continue the conversation within that group.