Wikimedia Conference 2014/Documentation/8b

Chapters Dialogue III

  • Speakers: facilitated by Andreas Karsten



The session was organized spontaneously. No structured discussion, just opinions expressed.

  • Jan Bart is happy about WMDE having done the chapters dialogue project
  • there will be extensive documentation and a 10-15 minute video with the highlights in May
  • breakout session at Wikimania to address some issues
  • Garfield: lets find out where we agree and then turn it into action items and move forward this way
  • Asaf I: people will be unprepared at Wikimania and it will thus be unproductive, we should instead start a (painful) online consultation
  • Asaf II: It's the only way to live up to the scale of the Chapters Dialogue; it seems a question of mandate.
  • Jan Bart: Maybe it's possbile to do this on low scale, turn it into a base camp.