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27 Wikimania 2014

tl;dr: If you're an affiliate group or project, do Wikimania 2014: Actions for Affiliates. Wikimania will be huge, many submissions (+500), 80-90 will be accepted. Next Wikimania location will be selected in May, future Wikimanias will have +700 participants, organizers should prepare for that. There will be a Chapters' Village, Charles Andrès takes care of that.


  • Short presentation of the Barbican - the Barbican is huge and exceptionally capable
  • There will be more press coverage in international media, more videos and livestreams
  • Wikimania website has information about what Wikimania is about that chapters can use to educate their partners
  • there will be an exhibition area/chapters village
  • Project leaflets (similar to Wikidata booklets handed out at Wikimania 2013)
    • created a template that anyone is welcome to fill in. Open to any project looking to recruit volunteers
  • Wikimania will be run out heart by volunteers. UK Chapter also wants to make a contribution: Ex. Training the trainers who may take lessons back to their respective chapters.
  • Fringe events: events leading up to Wikimania 2014.
  • one track will be about engaging the public
  • There will be non-wikipedians among the wikimedians (much like the DC feel)
  • Scholarship recipients and staff will all stay in the same hotel within walking distance
  • Size of the venue allows for great flexibility - there is 24 hour access and a looot of space
  • accomodation details will be published soon
  • reach out to Ellie and Ed for group accomodation - please plan ahead
Discussion - what do the Wikimedia organizations expect from Wikimania
  • What about the number of talks and tracks?
- record number of 500+ submissions
- 80 or 90 submissions will be accepted
- a typical talk will last just 30 minutes
- organization wants to allow for a lot of mingling time
What about future Wikimanias?
  • Location will be selected by Wikimania committee in May
  • Wikimania London is the first of the new model: the Foundation will act as a sponsor and closely work together with the organization group
  • Ellie Young (WMF) is the person to talk to
  • future Wikimanias will be 700+ people, teams should be prepared for this, might want to organize a regional conference first
What about the chapters village?
  • any organization or project will be able to have a stand, people will be given a banner and a table in the foyer
  • area will be right in front of all the venues and guarantee great exposure
  • Charles Andrès takes care of that