Wikimedia Conference 2014/Documentation/20

20 Sharing is caring / best practice

Lori & Dominic presenting
Slides (pdf), by Lori & Dominic
slides (pdf), by Dorothy


  • Meta: Best practices in sharing best practices!
  • Much more GLAMs than wikipedians available for collaboration

Lori & DominicEdit

  • Creating the GLAM-wiki US wiki page
  • Centralizing resources: GLAM bookshelf
  • The English Wikipedia might not necessarily be the best place for gathering documentation for other languages & cultures; non-Anglophone Wikipedians are generally not as familiar with en-wp
  • International GLAM-WIKI documentation can be found on Wikimedia Outreach portal
  • Evolution: GLAM professionals becoming knowledgeable, being able to help other GLAMs - The GLAM-wiki US user group
  • The goal is to allow the GLAM professionals become part of the Wikimedia community
  • GLAM boot camp: inviting and training wikipedians and giving them the skills to do outreach and engage in GLAM projects


  • travel all funded
  • emphasis on diversity and new editors, areas with limited representation
  • structured program vs. typical Wikimedia/GLAM? unconference
  • adding library related and archival content a key question
  • Creating a press releaase a standard practice increases interest outside the Wikimedia community
  • Tumblr
  • Event recaps, documentation (Wikimetrics)
  • Outcomes page for large projects covering several institutions and virtual attendees
  • Video, interviews eg SVE, Columbia University reach new audiences


  • A very interresting part of GLAM collaborations are QRpedia projects. I hope speakers will go on that path a little:
  • GLAM metrics do not always do justice to all the benefits of an edit-a-thon. Edit-a-thons as a means to boost membership and get the community closer together? More about raising public awareness and a tool for outreach.
  • Edit-a-thon for staff a good idea, a way to educate
  • Scanathon: integrate with the archives processes, aim for a lasting partnership
  • Photo hunts in collaboration with WIki Loves Monuments, with maps and IDs of monuments