Wikimedia Conference 2013/Schedule/Sunday


Time Track 1 Track 2 Track 3 Track 4 Time
09:00 Walk-in 09:00
09:15 09:15
09:30 State of the movement part 3.
A few minutes per organization
09:45 09:45
10:00 WCA
status & the look ahead
(session lead: Markus Glaser; see here)
Non-movement funds
Business and philantropic
FDC feedback session (round 1)
10:15 10:15
10:30 10:30
10:45 10:45
11:00 11:00
11:15 11:15
11:30 Morning break 11:30
11:45 11:45
12:00 Future of the Wikimedia Conference
and closing
12:15 12:15
12:30 12:30
12:45 12:45
13:00 Lunch 13:00
13:15 13:15
13:30 13:30
13:45 13:45
Time Track 1 Track 2 Track 3 Track 4 Time
14:00 Barcamps 14:00
14:15 14:15
14:30 14:30
14:45 14:45
15:00 15:00
15:15 15:15
15:30 15:30
15:45 15:45
16:00 16:00
16:15 16:15
16:30 16:30
16:45 16:45
17:00 Walk-out 17:00
17:15 17:15
17:30 17:30
17:45 17:45

Detailed descriptionsEdit

State of the movement IIIEdit

Duration (min): 30
Speakers: chapters and thematic organizations representatives
Goal: giving all attendees an overview of what Wikimedia chapters and thematic organizations actually do
Etherpad: [1]

The "State of the Movements" session will consist of lightning talks. Each organization will have at most 3 minutes to present itself. They will be welcomed to introduce whatever topic about them they think is important to share with the rest of the group, such as most important activities from the last year, future plans or encountered problems.

Presenting organizations:


Duration (min): 90
Etherpad: [2]
Description: see here
Documentation: Wikimedia Conference 2013/Documentation/Day 3#WCA

Non-movement fundsEdit

Duration (min): 90
Etherpad: etherpad:wmconf2013-nonmovement-funds (empty or lost in shutdown)

FDC feedback sessionEdit

Duration: 3 hours (those that need to leave early for the closing of the conference are free to do so)
Participants: FDC members, FDC staff, and chapters representatives.
Goal: share the learning as identified in the survey from the Round 1 FDC experience, solicit further feedback from FDC applicants on the process
Description: This learning conversation provides us with an opportunity to learn from one another about the Round 1 FDC experience. It also will provide us with the space to ask questions and give feedback about the experience. Agenda:
  1. Welcome by FDC Chair
  2. Share agenda
  3. Introductions by all session participants
  4. Share results and findings of the Round 1 survey, Q&A
  5. Break into small groups to discuss key issues: what went well? what should be changed?
  6. Reconvene, share summary of conversations, address any other concerns and questions
  7. Briefly address next steps for this learning
  8. Meet and greet, informal conversation
Notes: etherpad:wmconf2013-fdc-feedback.
Documentation: Wikimedia Conference 2013/Documentation/Day 3#FDC feedback session

Future of the conferenceEdit

Duration (min): 60
Etherpad: ?


How to present Wikimedia related topicsEdit


Science GLAMEdit

Benoit Rochon, Daniel Mietchen, Charles Andrès

Several science museums (zoos, botanical gardens, insectarium, planetarium, etc.) are interested in working with Wikimedia chapters. The Science GLAM barcamp attempt to identify needs, gather chapters ideas and develop a comprehensive approach. We also intend to discuss the possibility of cooperation between intitutions and Wikimedia chapters, for example Wikimedia Canada & Switzerland develop QRpedia codes for botanical gardens in Montreal & Lausanne (just an example).

Some topics
  • QRpedia projects
  • Backstage tour model
  • Edit-a-thon (Contribution days)
  • Extravascanza model
  • Develop relations with the "Friends" of these intitutions
  • Recruit editors / members
  • … add a topic …

Accreditation coordinationEdit

There are several chapters that are helping volunteers with getting accreditation to events. Let's start to collaborate on that. Jan Ainali (WMSE) (talk) 12:59, 20 April 2013 (UTC)

This session will be shared with chapters dialouge because it is a special case of it.

Chapters dialogueEdit

Lead: Nicole Ebber

Notes: [3] (non existing or lost in shutdown)

How to keep volunteers activeEdit


etherpad:wmconf2013-keep-volunteers-active; documentation at Wikimedia Conference 2013/Documentation/Day 2

Mindmap (Updated): [4]

Wikinews, Wikiversity, Rapa Nui and other lost causesEdit

Wikimedia Conference 2013/Documentation/Day 3#Wikinews, Wikiversity, Rapa Nui and other lost causes

See also (shameless plug): strategy:Proposal:Make Wikimedia projects scale (2009).

Visual editorEdit

Nicole Ebber
Wikimedia Conference 2013/Documentation/Day 3#Visual editor

How to involve the users to avoid community backslash?