Wikimedia Conference 2012/Sightseeing/March 27

Museum Island (UNESCO world heritage)

general information
  • Where will we meet: en:Berlin Friedrichstraße station, Burger King
  • When will we meet: 9:30 am
  • Where will we split: en:Berlin Friedrichstraße station
  • When will we split: about 6:00 pm for dinner (certainly, we can eat together!)
  • How much you have to pay: 16/8.- EUR up to 22/14.- EUR
  • Choose your tour: This day, Martin offers different tours that can be chosen by you; majority wins. ;o)

We will have dinner meanwhile at Berlin Friedrichstraße station because these exhibitions will take a lot of time (we could stay there the whole day!). Entrance fee for all museums on en:Museum Island (UNESCO World Heritage) is 16.- EUR, discounted admission 8.- EUR (students and others) — do not forget evidence!

Afterwards we can visit

  1. en:Bode Museum and/or en:Alte Nationalgalerie (included in the entrance fee) and/or en:Berlin Cathedral at Museum Island (depends on our remaining time)
  2. en:Deutsches Historisches Museum (five minutes to go from Museum Island); 6.- EUR, no discount
  3. en:Museum für Naturkunde (the largest mounted dinosaur skeleton in the world, "Berlin Specimen" of Archaeopteryx lithographica, etc.); 6.- EUR, discounted admission 3.50 EUR (students and others) — going through en:Oranienburger Straße, passing en:New Synagogue (Berlin) (free entrance)