Wikimedia Conference 2012/Documentation/Day 3/StoC


  • Norwegian encyclopedia has been uploaded to web. Poor quality, but University sector support it instead of WP.
  • Need to learn how to win over universities!
  • Libraries etc. - GLAM camp
  • Great American Wiknic launched (food & frizbee) in 18 cities!
  • Agenda: Get Wikipedians to do things in the real world.
  • December: WP loves libraries, including editathons, in 13 cities.
  • Plays, musicals, etc.
  • Ambassador program with 10 courses per semester (context?)
  • Walrus
  • WP takes Manhattan at Wikimania - build your stand at the world fair style exhibition.
  • (A very fast presentation ;-) )


  • 52 members
  • Tambyan talk
  • language policy work
  • Software freedom day stall, position paper on OSS
  • Asaf visit in Nov - helped WM Phillipines to talk to govt organisations
  • GLAMcamp participation
  • Going to do GLAM projects
  • WLM (doing what?)
  • SOPA: gave press release, got interviewed on TV
  • Open Web Day - working with Mozilla foundation
  • Gave a Jeepny to WMDE :-]


  • 120 active members
  • Activites:
    • Wikiexpeditions: Take photos etc.
    • WLM was cooperation with ministry of culture, got 17k pictures
    • Wikigrants to buy cameras etc.
    • Getting free samples of books to help with sourcing
    • Getting phtos of lab equipment?
    • International conference of WIkimedia Polska
    • 10th anniversary of WM Polska (200 people at event)
    • WM Commons exhibition Different city each month


  • WLM was the biggest project in the last year --
    • WLM goals: low budget, want more new people into project
    • Started early in year!
    • 6 sponsors, 15 media partners
    • Spent 0 € of our own!
    • Highest rate of new users
    • Jury was a challenge - each member had to choose 100 nomination pictures which was a lot of work.
    • 5 photos uploaded on day 1
    • 2 Wiki-takes
    • Finally had thousands of pictures, needed to be validated
    • Had over 15,000 pictures at the end, over 2000 monuments phtographed.


  • Amendments to Russian laws
  • 2 objectives ??
  • New version of international cooperation??
  • VisualRIAN project: project with Russian news org: released over 1000 images under freee license


  • One of the oldest chapters
  • Started as Serbia & Montenegro, -> Serbia
  • Core of active members
  • >230 meetups, over 2.2k participants
  • Media appearances
  • Appearances abroad (e.g. in Russian newspaper)
  • Small country: working on localized CC licenses, in cooperation with TEDX conferences and Creative Commons
  • Gotten BedVest (spelling?) award twice
  • Awarded WikiReader to reader who removed the most bad stuff?
  • Cooperation with many organisations (govt etc)
  • Lectures at TELFOR, Belgrade Book Fair, 200year celebration of Uni Belgrade, etc.
  • Reorganization: new bylaws, starting secretariat, new policies: "new problems and projects"
  • Running Glam conf this year.
  • All kinds of projects…


  • Projects:
    • Inet in sweden support by TLD people
    • rating of articles
    • Photo competition
    • Supporting with photo equipment?
    • WLM
    • GLAM
  • opened office, hired secretary, will hire proj mgrs
  • Europeana awareness?
  • School projects
  • Nordic cooperation
  • Aerial photgraphy
  • Literature projects
  • Questions from researchers to answer
  • Interviews with Nobel laureates (e.g. Brian Schmidt)
  • Very positive comments!


  • Didn't run a Miss Wikimedia contest this year ;-]
  • 3 years old ; 30 membeers
  • Had meetings and strategy stuff...
  • Bought LCD projector and 2 banners.
  • Total income: about 11k USD.
  • WMF grant, WM France grant, Ukraine sources.
  • Wikicontests:
    • Write articles about French topics in Ukr WP - 450+ participants
    • Write about philantthropy, in cooperation with philanthropic association
  • Collaboration with universities
  • Stand at book fair - master classes - TV coverage
  • Authors in the jury of the book fair
  • Education stuff?
  • Wikiexpeditions
  • Working on getting intellectual property rights released
  • Good media coverage
  • 2nd in world in growth of pupularity
  • 50m pages per month new?
  • released translation from french of Opera libretto


  • presentation on the laptop (literally - magic marker!)
  • QRpedia: 50k people read about a picture from Derbyshire Museum in Russian! Originally written in French
  • Been told twice by OK govt that they could never be charity, but now registered after huge legal fees.
  • Got an office with spare desks for visitors,
  • Staff
  • Raised 1M pounds in fundraiser, and also got commitments for following years!

WM Venezuela

  • Recognized in 2011 by ChapCom
  • Radio appearances
  • Have their own website
  • Registered on Feb 14th
  • Got newspaper articles
  • Got on regional television via skpye
  • Going to work on one laptop per child - offline WP
  • Fostering better Iberocoop relations
  • Minority language projects - many native speakers who don't speak Spanish.


  • Just launched
  • Going to do WLM with local govt
  • Participating in Software Freedom Day
  • Working on improving minority language representation
  • Going to be working on educating educators on Wikipedia use