Wikimedia Conference 2012/Documentation/Day 2/Coordinating-projects

  • dropbox can be used
  • open source software
  • best practices for chapters? what to use for e-mail, websites, organize members? every chapter needs infrastructure for e-mail etc.
  • maintaining servers or using external services
  • some chapters write blogs
  • netherlands have lists server - needs to be maintained, much work
  • what to use for filesharing? googledocs, dropbox, commons
  • ethical questions: do we want to use cloud computing? do we want to use google?
  • what if the companies that we use go bankrupt? all the data could be gone for good.
  • not much experience from chapters available: chapters could write down short experiences on meta so that other chapters can benefit from it
  • nothing wrong with paying for software if it solves the problem, but preferably open source
  • time-tracking is important (e.g. achievo) when you have paid staff
  • event management: make it easy for people to register, mailing lists etc. (amiando was used for wmcon)
  • survey systems: make a form in googledocs and transform it into a table or use limesurvey

TGR notes

  • lack of communication /coordination between chapters
  • multiple toolservers
  • multiple (parallel?) efforts to customize civicrm
  • software experiences, best practices? (OSS?)
    • email infrastructure (mailing lists, mass mailing)
      • mailman
      • google groups
    • homepage infrastructure
    • blog infrastructure
      • wordpress
    • wikimedia-themed skins (wordpress etc)
    • file sharing / backup
      • dropbox
    • project management / time tracking
      • achievo
    • event registration
      • civicrm
      • amiendo
      • eventbrite
    • survey
      • google docs
      • limesurvey
      • WMF system?
      • ...
  • survey for chapters to collect used / tested software, experiences, suggestions
    • consolidate into best practices document
  • chapters could offer centralized services

main points

  • chapters should document things they research, identify the open source software
  • survey for every chapter to find out what they used for which problem
  • share experiences with other chapters
  • create a page on meta with different software needs and ask chapters for input/past experiences

Started at to make a plan