Wikimedia Community User Group Uganda/WikiSource in Uganda 2022

Wikisource is an online digital library of free-content textual sources on a wiki, operated by the Wikimedia Foundation. Wikisource is the name of the project as a whole and the name for each instance of that project (each instance usually representing a different language); multiple Wikisources make up the overall project of Wikisource. The project's aim is to host all forms of free text, in many languages, and translations.

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Under the GLAM project, the Wikimedia Community User Group Uganda will organise an Introduction to WikiSource and Proofread-a-thon on Saturday 3rd December,2022. Though it is a one day in-person event, we will continue engaging the community up till 10 January through a proofread-a-thon with prizes to be awarded.


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The objective of the event is to introduce to and teach both new and existing editors about Wikisource,its basics and finally recruit them in the Wikisource project. This will also help develop new relations with the community and students of Literature at Makerere University.




User:Divine Gaby


Day Activity
Saturday 3 December Introduction to Wikimedia Projects
Introduction to WikiSource and concepts
WikiSource editing on Mobile and PC
WikiSource Tools and Proofreading techniques
Thursday 6 December Online Introduction to WikiSource

Follow the link below to access the recording :

Passcode: VS*4cBdP

Sunday 4 December 2022 - Tuesday 10 January 2023 WikiSource Proofread-a-thon and validating pages by participating community
Thursday Review of contributions bu jury
Saturday 21 January 2023 Prize giving and communication of next steps

Please follow this link to sign up to the dashboard/ WikiSource Contest Board



This is open to experienced Wikimedians and new volunteers who want to give the project a try.

Follow this link to sign-up on the event dashboard : Link to dashboard

Please include your name or user name below :

  1. Drake Tamale User: tamdra
  2. Henry kasozi User: kalyamagwa
  3. ATEGYEKA ALVIN User: Alvinategyeka
  4. Mubiru Shafik User: Fiktube
  5. Macholi Chris Benard User: Benards0271
  6. Thecla Atukwase User: Thecla Besh
  7. Joseph Njoroge User: jozef020
  8. Nsheila
  9. Bruno Ashimwe User: Bruno ashimwe winks
  10. Mulindwa Denis user: SM DENIS
  11. Ezra Okot user: Okot Okuctchu
  12. Atyang SharonUser: Atyang344
  13. Margaret Kabanda User: pine12k
  14. Micheal Kaluba User: Micheal Kaluba
  15. Alinda Rachel S User: AlindaRS
  16. Baluku Brian User: BalukuBrian

Texts for Proofreading


We will proofread these texts for the contest.

  1. What will he do with it by Sir Edward Bulwer Lytton Bart
  2. The Fighting Shepherdess by Caroline Lockhart
  3. A Budget of Wit - A Collection of Laughable Stories
  4. 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
  5. Elizabeth's Pretenders by Hamilton Aide
  6. Kutenai Tales by Franz Boas & Alexander Francis Chamberlain

Texts for Validation


We will validate the following texts

  1. Three stories by Vítězslav Hálek
  2. The Road to Wellville (1926) by The Postum Cereal Company
  3. Outdoor Girls in Florida by Laura Lee Hope
  4. The Question of Library Training by Lutie Eugenia Stearns
  5. Workplace Safety and Health (COVID-19 Safe Workplace) Regulations 2021
  6. Our Nig, or Skteches from the Life of a Freed Slave by Harriet E.Wilson
  7. Artificial Indigenous Place Names in Brazil by Eduardo Navarro
  8. The Jade Story Book by Penrhyn Wingfield Coussens
  9. Physics on Wikipedia by Martin Poulter and Mike Peel
  10. When I grow up by Simone van der Spuy, Michele Fry and Jennifer Jacobs
  11. Poems of Patriotism by Edgar A.Guest
  12. Cinderella by CS Evans

Results and Experience

Poster for GLAM-Wiki Uganda WikiSource celebration and prize giving

The WikiSource experience concluded on 10th January 2023.

Being a new project to most editors, it was a good experience in contributing to another Wikimedia project other than the usual ones. At the end of the challenge on 10th January, a total of 23 local editors had validated and proofread on at least 29 source texts (link to Source Contest Board).

Top contributors were recognised and rewarded for their efforts on 04 March 2023 at a joint #1Lib1Ref /WikiSource in-person event.

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