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Wikimedia Community User Group Guinea Conakry

Guinea (Guinea)
LocationFlag of Guinea.svg Guinea
Country codeGN
Official language(s)French
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Wikimedia Community User Group Guinea (WCUG-GN) was born to support the spirit of Quick Inquiry pursued by the Wikimedia Foundation and sister projects, volunteers these are to find support in this quest for the creation and improvement of articles wiki in general and that of Guinea in particular and many other initiatives related to free knowledge. The initiative aims to encourage the growth, development and dissemination of educational content that, until now, were less accessible, free and translated into multiple languages, without payment of fees; it will facilitate the cultural and intellectual brazing, while placing particular emphasis on the activities taking place in Guinea.


The main objectives of Wikimedia Guinea are:

  • Training of members and sympathizers;
  • organize awareness-raising activities at the national level, mainly in universities, libraries, reading houses, etc.
  • act as a hub for Guinea Wikimedians;
  • collaborate with the large international Wikimedia community;
  • act as a representative voice of the Wikimedia community in Guinea.

To achieve these objectives, Wikimedia Guinea intends to organize and arrange various training, competitions, introductory sessions and meetings both online wikis and offline. The goal of Wikimedia Guinea is to create the conditions for the installation of Chapter of Wikimedia Guinea .


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