Wikimedia Chapters Association/SG recruitment timeline

Some comments on the choosen timeline. Basic idea: have somebody starting after the Christmas holidays/ by January 1st, 2013.

In order to achieve the hiring of a SG soon and thus enable WCA to settle at a location and start working, there are several steps that have to be done.

1. finalize the Secretary General Job Description (by October 19th).
Using [[1]] as a base wording that is agreed to by the majority of WCA members. As the vote on [[2]] is open until 24th of October 2012, a first shift in the proposed timeline will occur. As soon as a majority for the proposed process can be seen at the voting page, finalizing the job description will be completed.

2. word a statement and manage appropriate channels to publish a search for candidates (by October 26th).
This is kind of self explaining, will be done by October 31st, due to shift in 1.

3. set up a system for applications and contact for/with candidates (by October 26th).
As it was pointed out that using servers that might be based in the US could rise issues concerning storage and security of personal data, a separate domain and European based hosting should be used. Applications would come in by email, sorting and summarizing be done manually.

3A. if response is poor, we plan to contact one or two specialized head-hunting companies to brief [at no cost for the moment].
Looking and choosing those companies will take place as soon as the job ad is out.

4. present a first round of candidates for comment and ranking by Council Members (by November 16th)
Profiles will be standarised and e-mailed to Council members as pdf.

4A. if there are insufficient good applications, intensify our own search and take up proposals from head-hunters (from November 26th)
self-explaining. In case proposals from head-hunters are needed, conditions will be discussed here.

5. conduct a first round of phone interviews of the best matches (first week of December)

6. present a "best of 3" (by December 10th)
This date has been choosen as all parties involved might wish to have enough time to reflect/ discuss the candidates and finalize the next step before christmas. Note: in case there is a notice period to observe and there is no other solution to this issue, start of the new SG might delay accordingly. Same in case no candidate gets enough internal back-up.

7. final presentations/interviews with Council Members and expert advisers.
At a place and time fitting best into everybodies planning.

Here are some of the promised links to websites where the job ad could be posted: