Wikimedia CH/template:project proposal 2018

Legal name of organization or individual requesting this grant:

Username on Wikimedia project:

Project name:

Please provide a detailed description of your project, including the names of the partners and people involved:

Please explain what influence your activity will have on Wikimedia Projects, especially detailing the metrics associated to this project :
(Quantitative: number of new pictures uploaded to commons, number of active and new editors involved, number of new articles created & Qualitative: strengthen the community of XXX etc)

Please provide a detailed budget for your request:

How does your project fulfill WMCH's strategic focus on GLAM, Education and Community programs?

Provide the provisional target start date and completion date:

Provide any other information you believe helps to understand your project better (links, background stories):

Community endorsements:
The Wikimedia community is invited to endorse proposals or discuss any concerns they have on proposal talk pages. As soon as you draft your proposal, you should notify areas of the community (via village pump, mailing list, talk page, or other project-appropriate venues) that are most likely to be impacted or involved in your project. Community support is a factor in review, so please post a link to the notification and any relevant discussions in the section provided on your proposal, and encourage community members to post feedback on your proposal page.

Please note that only applications that have been completed in full will be considered.
If you are not able to submit your request via a wiki, please use the same template and send your proposal via